Cambek Brand Represents a Highly Focused Commitment to Customer Care from New Ownership and Management

River Falls, Wis. — Today Designer Doors®, a premier custom garage and entry door manufacturer in the Midwest, announced that it has changed its name to CambekTM Designer Doors®. The new brand underscores the company’s recent change in ownership and management, along with a focused commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

In late 2017, a group of former 3M executives purchased the company, which is known throughout the U.S. for its high-quality custom wood garage and entry doors. The new owners saw the opportunity to apply their expertise in customer focus, business process improvement, and product innovation in order to evolve the company from being not only a great product company, but also a great process and service company.

From the beginning, Designer Doors has built great doors, now the Cambek team is intent on building a great door company. The company intends to significantly enhance its customer care commitment by promising the most responsive service in the industry, the most customized design approach, lifetime warranties (with proof of maintenance), and other customer-centric initiatives.

This decades-old Wisconsin classic is in the midst of an internal transformation. Their new name is inspired by the word cambium, a layer of living tissue between the inner bark and wood in trees, forming the annual rings of growth. “Our new name conveys renewal and growth,” said Tom Roddis, Cambek’s new General Manager. “We’re poised to grow in the marketplace by being a true partner to our customers, working to create exactly what they envision.”


About Cambek™ Designer Doors®

Designer Doors® began in 1987 when an astute garage door dealer reverse engineered older wood garage doors that were outlasting newer modern ones. The dealer discovered the secret to their strength and longevity. It was a combination of the solid Douglas Fir frame and superior construction techniques. He then started a company to build and sell handcrafted and sustainable custom wood doors, using what he learned. Soon architects and homeowners were asking for matching walk-through and service doors, shutters and garden gates to complement their custom garage doors. Now Cambek™ Designer Doors® continues to carry on the legacy of both superior product quality and customer service. Based in River Falls, Wis., the company has 25 employees and sells their custom products directly to homeowners and to homeowners through architects throughout the nation. They also do specialty commercial projects, particularly when historic replication is a priority.






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