CAMBEK Classics™

Tri-Fold Style Garage Doors

Hand-Crafted Tri-Fold Style Garage Doors to Match Your Home

A unique design that mirrors the original look of three-piece multi-panel doors that would fold inward to open.

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Design Options

Choose Your Trim Style

No Bucks

V Bucks

A Bucks

X Bucks

Choose Your Surface Millwork Style

V-Groove Tongue & Groove

Flush Face Tongue & Groove

Choose Your Top Section Style

Curved Top (with window)

Curved Top (no window)

Rectangular Top (with window)

Rectangular Top (no window)

Choose Your Material

Flat Panel MDF

Natural Western Red Cedar

Choose Your Finish Color

Willow Red

St. Croix Natural

Trimbelle Butternut

North Fork Dark Brown

Rush Brown

Kinni Chocolate

Big River Brown

Exterior Latex Paint

Choose Your Door Width






Choose Your Door Height




Choose Your Hardware

Strap Pulls

Strap & Bind Hinges (16", 24", or 36")

34.5” Slide Bar Latch

3/4" Round Clavos (Decorative Nails)

1-1/4" Round Clavos (Decorative Nails)

Pyramid Clavos (Decorative Nails)

Choose Your Glass

Clear Double-Strength

Insulated Clear

Choose Your Track System

12” Radius

15" Radius

20” Radius

32” Radius

Front Low Headroom

Choose Your Opener

8580 WLB

LMWLED DC Belt Drive

8500W Jackshaft


CAMBEK Classics Tri-Fold Style Garage doors are specially designed to mirror the elegant styles of traditional carriage house doors, without the inconvenient opening mechanisms. Their three-panel designs give the illusion that they can fold open in sections, but instead they open overhead like a modern garage door. These beautiful handcrafted doors combine bold and customizable design with new-age durability and operation.

Install these Tri-Fold Style Garage Doors on your home to give it a timely charm that will last a generation.


  • Frame Construction: Spruce-Pine Fir and Douglas Fir
  • Section Thickness: 2 “
  • Insulation: 1” Polystyrene
  • Standard Widths: 8’, 9’, 10’, 16’, 18’
  • Standard Heights: 7’ 8’ 9’
  • Section Heights:
    • 7’ Door = 21”, 21”, 21”, 21”
    • 8’ Door = 24”, 24”, 24”, 24”
    • 9’ Door = 21”, 21”, 21”, 21″, 24”
  • Premium Surface Materials: Paint/Stain Grade Natural Western Red Cedar or Flat Panel MDF
  • Trim Board Design Options: No-buck
  • Vertical Orientated Surface Millwork: Flat Panel Extira, 4” & 6” V-Groove Tongue & Groove, 4” & 6” Flush Face Tongue & Groove
  • Rectangular or Curve Top Options
  • Standard Radius for Curve Top Options: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” drops
  • Trim Board Sizes: 5 1/4” Bottom Board, 5 1/4” Side & Top Boards, 3 1/2” Interior Boards
  • Glass Options: Clear Double Strength, Insulated Clear
  • Muntin Options: Square
  • Decorative Hardware:
    • Strap & Blind Hinges: 16″, 24″ & 36″ Lengths
    • 34 1/2” Slide Bar Latch
    • Strap Pulls
    • Clavos (Decorative Nails): 1 1/4″ Round, Pyramid, 3/4″ Round
  • 2-year warranty
  • Track Systems: 12”, 15”, 20”, 32” Radius, Front Low Headroom
  • Openers: 8580 WLB, LMWLED DC Belt Drive, 8500W Jackshaft


Every CAMBEK Classics Swing Style Garage Door is constructed with high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Their internal frame is built using 100% Spruce-pine-fur and Douglas fir wood and insulated with expanded polystyrene, protecting against air loss during the winter and summer months. Internal ship lap joints provide a solid construction that makes CAMBEK doors outlast the competition.

The surface of every CAMBEK Classics door features Western Red Cedar millwork, layered trim boards, and true tongue and groove surface materials that are exquisitely handcrafted to match the style of carriage door and customizable features you choose. Blended strips and water diverting drip caps are added to protect the door from moisture and water damage year-round.

A two-year warranty comes with every CAMBEK Classics door!


All CAMBEK Classics doors include expert home installation coordinated by our network of seasoned installers. You can rest assured knowing your door (and home) will receive the same level of care during this stage as our craftsmen put into every door during production here in Wisconsin.

About CAMBEK Classics™

CAMBEK brings decades of experience, expert craftsmanship, and careful attention to detail to its Classics line of customizable wood garage doors.

This affordable line of garage doors is for homeowners who are looking to recreate the authentic feel of 17th and 18th century carriage houses or complement the design of their contemporary home. They are made to order from high-quality wood and come in four customizable styles, making it easy for homeowners to choose the style and features they want in their overhead garage door.

We make the design and purchasing processes easy; simply choose from our range of garage door styles and custom features. This helps shorten the ordering and design process without sacrificing on build quality. The same craftsmen who build our high-end one-of-a-kind Designer Doors® build every garage door in our CAMBEK Classics line.

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, this is the easiest way to get a hand-built wood garage door for your next project.

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