CAMBEK Classics Wood Garage Doors

CAMBEK Classics Wood Garage Doors

CAMBEK brings decades of experience, expert craftsmanship, and careful attention to detail to its Classics line of semi-customizable wood garage doors.

Our affordable line of semi-customizable wood garage doors complements the unique style of any home, historic or contemporary. Whether you’re looking to recreate the authentic feel of 17th and 18th century carriage houses or complete the look of your modern home, CAMBEK Classics is the perfect fit. These high-quality wood garage doors are made to order and come in five semi-customizable styles, making it easy for anyone to choose the style and features they want in their door. From historic recreations of carriage style doors to modern garage door styles, there’s something in the CAMBEK Classics line for everyone.

Modern and Carriage House Style Wood Garage Doors: A Time-Honored Tradition or a Modern Touch

With CAMBEK Classics, you get to choose between two major garage door styles: carriage house garage doors (in four different designs) or modern garage doors that fit any home.

Our carriage house style garage doors recreate the elegant beauty of historic carriage houses, combining the style of authentic wood doors with the benefits of overhead garage doors. While traditional carriage house garage doors swing, slide, or fold open, CAMBEK Classics wood garage doors save space by opening like a modern overhead door, all without sacrificing the historic designs or authentic appearance of traditional carriage house doors.

Our modern garage doors can be customized to fit the style of any contemporary home. From window and windowless options to a variety of other hardware and design features, you get to choose the overall look of your garage door. Complete any modern home with these inspired designs.

CAMBEK Classics wood garage doors are made from premium surface millwork materials like stunning natural western red cedar. They’re manufactured in the USA by experienced craftsmen in our River Falls, Wisconsin facility.

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