Our Story

Discover our story — a reverse engineered garage door inspires our early days.

In the 1980s an astute and curious garage door dealer in Minneapolis observed that many newer wood doors he had recently replaced were falling apart, while much older wood doors seemed to retain their integrity.

What made the solid old wood doors resist rotting and sagging? How did they withstand the extreme weather conditions? Answers weren’t obvious. So he dismantled the doors — the new doors and the old doors, and the answer was revealed: the old doors had a solid douglas fir frame along with superior construction techniques.

The founder of what was then Designer Doors® began working with architects to create beautiful custom wood garage doors. Soon architects and homeowners were asking for matching walk-through and service doors, shutters and garden gates to complement their custom garage doors. Now Cambek™ Designer Doors® proudly continues to carry on this legacy of superior quality and traditional craftsmanship.

Cambek Conveys Renewal

Our new name, Cambek Designer Doors, introduces a fresh perspective while honoring the tradition of excellence in our original brand. Cambek is inspired by the word cambium — a layer of living tissue between the bark and inner wood in trees which forms the annual rings of growth and renewal. There’s also a hint of bespoke — the highest form of custom workmanship – unique and made-to-order for a particular client. And lastly there’s a subtle reference to beckon — an invitation to enter, experience, and discover more.



After decades of creating the finest handcrafted custom garage and entry doors, we’re waiting to work with you.