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How is Cambek™ Designer Doors® unique?

Strength, quality, durability and beauty are hallmarks of every garage & front entry door we create. Each Cambek™ design employs only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Every door (garage & front entry/exterior) is handcrafted so we can pay attention to the fine details. We incorporate a Moisture Control System to ensure longevity and function, enabling us to offer the industry’s best standard warranty. We offer the most design flexibility of any overhead door on the market. And most importantly, we deliver the most client centric design experience possible. You are at the center of the process and we strive to delight you at every turn. You can be confident that our 30 years of experience will deliver both exceptional client care and enduring product performance.

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Where are your doors made?

Every door is made in the USA. Every door is made in our workshop in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Is Cambek Environmentally Friendly?

Cambek consistently seeks ways to be friendly to our environment. For example:

  1. All sawdust from our woodworking shop is donated to local farmers to be used as cattle bedding.
  2. Solar panels reduce our electricity consumption and we sell energy back to the utility company.
  3. Our staining products are water-based and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) while providing optimum protection against the weather allowing wood to withstand direct exposure to rain, snow and moisture.
  4. Last but certainly not least, our garage doors and front entry doors last 30-50+ years with minimal maintenance and care, You may never need another door.


How much do your doors cost?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best value in terms of workmanship and materials no matter what product you choose. This is an investment in your home and we offer a variety of price points to meet your needs and expectations. Request a free design consultation OR contact a sales representative to learn more.

How do I get pricing and place an order?

Because we believe in direct communication with our customers, we handle every detail of your project ourselves. You will work directly with our sales and sales support teams. Request a free design consultation at, or contact the corporate office at 715-426-1100 to obtain the name of the representative closest to your project location.


How are your doors built?

Our doors, shutters and gates are individually handcrafted according to your design specifications.

What building codes does Cambek meet?

Cambek™ Hurricane garage doors carry both the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval, two of the toughest and most stringent building codes when it comes to wind load. Cambek holds U.S. Patent 7,299,853 for the Hurricane design.

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What if my garage door opening is an odd size?

We handcraft your doors to your specifications. So whether your opening is standard size or an odd size, we’ve got you covered.

Why is wood better than steel?

If you back into a steel door, there is no recourse: you may be able to un-dent a steel door however, there will be evidence of damage. Wood does not dent and scratches can be repaired. This is why wood is better than steel. Furthermore, if a wood door has been made with finger jointed sections, those are the weak points where the wood will break. This is why Cambek™ never uses finger joints in the frame of our doors, only solid wood. It’s one of the features that makes Cambek doors unique.

How do the overhead doors work?

They roll up with an automatic, push-button operator. A standard, professional-quality 3/4 hp operator works with all except our largest sizes.

Do you build transoms and sidelights for your entrance doors?

Yes, we will build the entire entry system using your specifications.

Do you offer pre-hung walk-through and front entry doors?

Yes, all our walk-through and entry doors can be pre-hung in a frame specified by you, your architect or your builder/remodeler.

Do you build front entry doors and walk-through doors?

Installation of walk-through doors and entrance-way systems is available in some markets.

Can you replicate the old wood shutters on my historical house?

Yes, this is a specialty of ours; our craftsmen take great joy in re-creating authentic elements.

Do you build and install automatic gates?

Because of the great variety of building codes and safety issues involved, we do not provide automatic features at this time. Our complementary gates are typically wood with metal features if required, designed for privacy and aesthetic value.

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How long do I need to allow for delivery?

Lead time can vary depending upon the door type, design and materials. In general, most projects require a lead time of 6–8 weeks. Our reputation for on-time delivery east of the Mississippi is extraordinary.

How are your products delivered?

All Cambek™ products are specially created and delivered directly to the job site or other specified location. Cambek trucks are equipped with forklifts to help with offloading. Common carrier shipments to states west of Minnesota can also include forklift service where available.

How are the overhead doors installed?

To ensure dependable and safe operation, Cambek™ provides installation by a Cambek selected professional. We arrange the installation as part of our service to you.

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Can I finish the doors myself?

As part of our turn-key solution, we offer factory finishing for all our products. This includes a base coat and two coats or stain or paint. Some customers prefer to finish their doors on-site. In this case, we will apply the primer or base coat only, to protect the doors throughout shipping and storage.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, Cambek™ stands behind every product and offers the industry’s best limited warranty. Connect with one of our client care representatives for applicable warranties and to learn about our various warranties.