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How long will my doors last?

We started building doors over 30 years ago, and many of our customers from the early days are still enjoying their wood doors. We consider our doors a 30-50 year investment in your home. It is true that steel doors also last for many years, however they lack the warmth and comfort that a real wood door offers. Also, once a vehicle bumper hits a steel door, there is no recourse; the same is not true for Cambek™ products.

How do I maintain my doors?

Authentic wood exterior products require more care than those made of imitation materials. However, if our finish recommendations are followed, the wood maintenance is usually limited to re-applying the topcoat finish every 2 – 3 years without sanding or scraping. This process generally takes no more than an hour or two—a small price to pay for the beauty, warmth, versatility and character of real wood.


Cambek™ stain finish, if recommended for your door, is a revitalizing finishing product that can be applied to your door with a soaked cloth. Thanks to its special formulation, the “rejuvenator” protects coating and wood from the aggression of sunlight and air.

How do your doors handle moisture?

Our exclusive Moisture Control System assures that our custom wood garage doors will last for years to come in whatever environment they may be. This system includes:


Wet glazed windows: each piece of glass is sealed in place by a wet bead of sealant.


Drip Cap: a beveled molding recessed into the surface material along the top edge of the bottom trim board. The drip cap prevents water from pooling on the bottom board and seeping into the door thus minimizing the possibility of mold or wood rot.


Vent Holes: holes drilled into each section of the garage door’s interior to facilitate the natural movement of moisture within the door caused by temperature and humidity changes. This prevents the damaging build-up of moisture within the door’s interior cavity.


No exposed vertical end grain on door bottom: horizontal cap board seals off the end grain of the tongue and groove surface material, which tends to “wick” rain and snow moisture.

Beveled trim board under the lite sections: sheds water and prevents pooling and potential leakage into the door’s interior cavity, again maximizing the life of the door.

How do your doors handle high humidity and insects?

For structures in high humidity environments, or where there is a proliferation of wood-boring insects, Cambek™ recommends our High Humidity/Insect Resistant Package for extra wood protection.


We implant highly effective, EPA-approved Borate Rods into the door frame, reducing the possibility of damage from fungus, termites, carpenter ants, a variety of beetles and many other wood-boring species. Borates are highly toxic to fungal decay and many insects but are not harmful to humans or other mammals.

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