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Luxury Hand-Crafted Garage & Entry Doors

Designed to match the unique architectural styles and demanding weather conditions of Florida

At CAMBEK, we combine precision engineering and master craftsmanship to build doors that are not only gorgeous, but are also built to withstand the high temperatures, humidity, wind, and severe storms common to Florida and other coastal regions. Our hurricane-rated doors are rigorously tested and meet the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida building Code product approval - two of the strictest standards in the country.

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About CAMBEK Custom Doors

Admire exactly what you envisioned - your new custom designed garage and entry doors

CAMBEK designs and builds custom and semi-custom garage and entry doors for a variety of hoem styles commonly found in Florida, including Spanish, Mediterranean and Tuscan Revival, Villa, Bungalo, Beach House, and so many others.

We start each project with our most essential tools: an open mind, a creative spirit, and decades of experience. Combind with our precision engineering and master craftsmanship, we're able to create the finest custom designed garage doors and entry doors available. And to create exactly what you envision.

Decades of Excellence

We have been pioneers in the custom garage door industry for almost 40 years.

Diverse Clientele

We work with owners, builders, designers and anyone who has a unique project.

Quality Products

We only use the highest-quality hardwoods when crafting our custom garage and entry doors.

Renewing Homes

We bring renewed sense of beauty to neighborhoods everywhere.

Custom Garage Doors

Custom designed garage doors engineered to stand the test of time

Your next custom garage door could last a lifetime, if you place your trust in CAMBEK Designer Doors. You are at the center of our design experience when you work with us to create the door of your dreams. We start with your garage door ideas, and integrate a unique vision for a custom door solution.

From historical re-creations to modern masterpieces, every custom garage door we create begins with your unique vision. We start with your garage door ideas and use the best quality materials to create your custom door solution. Whether you want to include distinctive features like wicket doors, finished interiors, hidden struts, and large light sections, or want to create something no one has ever seen before, our specialists are here to help.

Hurricane-Rated Garage Doors

Custom designed hurricane-rated garage doors engineered to withstand nature's fury

All garage doors offereed in the Hurricane-Rated line are tested with nationally recognized protocols and standards, including both the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval, two of the toughest and most stringent building codes relative to high velocity wind load and impact rating. Cambek's custom wood hurricane garage doors are designed with impact rated glass glazing. Cambek even holds U.S. Patent 7,299,853 for its hurricane design.

We have tested our wood garage doors across a wide range of designs and sizees to meet the needs of our most discerning clients. Our products are engineered to perform in areas ranging from inland tornado-prone areas, to wind-borne debrees regions such as the Florida coast.

Custom Front Entry Doors

Custom designed front entry doors that say welcome home.

A custom designed front entry door that matches your custom garage door creates the ideal complement for your home’s architectural style – traditional or modern.

In our years of experience we have executed many complex designs including, historic recreations, and specialty entry doors such as Dutch doors and dungeon doors. We can customize any front entry door to your unique specifications.

Handcrafted by Experts

No assembly lines. No cookie-cutter designs. Every door we build is carefully made to order by woodworkers who are truly masters of their craft.

Limitless Design Options

Your creativity is the only limit. No matter what you are looking to create, we can help make it a reality.

Superior Customer Service

Our profound commitment to putting your interests first ensures you are treated with the respect, care and attention you deserve.

Our History

Decades of doing things the hard way, because quality matters

Nearly 40 years ago, an astute and curious garage door dealer observed that many newer wood doors he had recently replaced were falling apart, while much older wood doors seemed to retain their integrity.

What made the solid old wood doors resist rotting and sagging? How did they withstand the extreme weather conditions? Answers weren't obvious. So he dismantled the doors - the new doors and the old doors - and the answer was revealed: the old doors had a solid Douglas fir frame along with superior construction techniques.

Our company was born. He began working with architects to create beautiful custom wood garage doors. Soon arthictects and homeowners were asking for matching walk-through and service doors, shutters and garden gates to compliment their custom garage doors. Thousands of happy customers and beautiful doors later, CAMBEK proudly continues to carry on this legacy of superior quality and traditional craftsmanship.

Meet your Florida Territory Manager

We're here to help you open the door to limitless design possibilities.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for a uniquely custom garage door or an architect looking to make a statement with your next piece, Cambek's team of designers, craftsmen and materials specialists are here to help. We can help bring your project from concept to completion. Contact us today to get started.

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CAMBEK has been handcrafting artisan wood doors for decades, and we've built tens of thousands of truly one-of-a-kind doors to match customer goals as well as the home's aesthetic. Download our Door Inspiration Guide to see what's possible and start designing your unique CAMBEK door.


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CAMBEK is a leading supplier of hand-crafted, custom garage and entry doors to architects, home builders, and garage door dealers across the country. Fill out the sample form and our Florida Territory Manager will personally deliver a door sample to you, so you can experience the quality materials and superior craftsmanship that goes into every CAMBEK door.