CAMBEK Limited™

Garage Doors with Windows

Hand-Crafted Windowed Garage Doors to Match Your Home

A variety of window configurations and top section styles add depth and character to these modern and historic garage door designs.


Design Options

Choose Your Top Section Style

Single Lites

2 Over 1 Lites

2 Over 2 Lites

3 Over 1 Lites

3 Over 2 Lites

4 Over 1 Lites

4 Over 2 Lites

Choose Your Door Width







Choose Your Door Height



Choose Your Hardware

Strap Pulls

Strap & Bind Hinges (16", 24", or 34")

34.5" Slide Bar Latch

3/4" Round Clavos (Decorative Nails)

1-1/4" Round Clavos (Decorative Nails)

Pyramid Clavos (Decorative Nails)

Choose Your Glass

Insulated Clear

Choose Your Track System

12" Radius

15" Radius

20" Radius

32" Radius

Front Low Headroom

Choose Your Opener

8580 WLB

LMWLED DC Belt Drive

8500W Jackshaft


CAMBEK’s Limited line of wood garage doors feature customizable top sections that allow for more than a half dozen unique window configurations. These authentic handcrafted doors also feature insulated glass panes outlined with beautiful bronze frames that add a timeless look to any home. Add in customizable hardware and choose a width and height to create a garage door that perfectly fits your home.

Our window options are a charming and sophisticated way to enhance the look of your garage door.

  • Frame Construction: Spruce-Pine Fir and Douglas Fir
  • Section Thickness: 2.25″
  • Insulation: 1” Polystyrene
  • Standard Widths: 6’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 16’, 18’
  • Standard Heights: 7’ 8’
  • Top Section Style Options: Single Lites, 2 Over 1 Lites, 2 Over 2 Lites, 3 Over 1 Lites, 3 Over 2 Lites, 3 Over 1 Lites, 4 Over 2 Lites
  • Glass: Insulated Clear
  • Muntin Options: Square
  • Decorative Hardware:
    • Strap & Blind Hinges: 16″, 24″ & 34″ Lengths
    • 34 1/2” Slide Bar Latch
    • Strap Pulls
    • Clavos (Decorative Nails): 1 1/4″ Round, Pyramid, 3/4″ Round
  • 1-year warranty
  • Track Systems: 12”, 15”, 20”, 32” Radius, Front Low Headroom
  • Openers: 8580 WLB, LMWLED DC Belt Drive, 8500W Jackshaft


Every CAMBEK Limited garage door is constructed with high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Their internal frame is built using 100% Spruce-pine-fur and Douglas fir wood and insulated with expanded polystyrene, protecting against air loss during the winter and summer months. Internal shiplap joints provide a solid construction that makes CAMBEK doors outlast the competition.

The surface of every CAMBEK Limited door features Premium Exterior grooved surface material, layered trim boards that can be painted or stained. Capped grooves and horizontal boards that cap the vertical end grain allow for superior protection against moisture and water damage year-round.

A one-year warranty comes with every CAMBEK Limited door.


While CAMBEK’s custom crafted wooden garage doors install similarly to many other garage doors, we only recommend installation to be done by qualified, experienced professional door installers. We are a proud member of the IDA (International Door Association) and have access to over 10,000 licensed and bonded professional installers across the country. Fill out the form below and we will connect you with a preferred CAMBEK Limited door installer.

About CAMBEK Limited™

Enhance the look of your home with CAMBEK’s Limited line of garage doors. These economical wood garage doors allow you to elevate the appearance of your home at a great price. Semi-customizable and easy to paint and stain, CAMBEK Limited garage doors are the easiest way to get an affordable custom garage door delivered right to your home.

With window and windowless options, along with a few other unique features that can be customized, CAMBEK Limited is unbeatable in terms of quality, customization, and price. Our easy-to-follow process allows you to choose the dimensions of your door, its top section style, optional decorative hardware, and other options that custom fit your door to your home. Choose a look that fits your home or a carriage style door that adds some charm, then place your order right away!

CAMBEK Limited is the easiest way to elevate your home’s curb appeal with one affordable investment!

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