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Beauty & Sustainability: Custom Wood Garage Door Solutions

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 | 1:00 PM CST

About This Course

This course will cover the use of custom wood doors for large exterior openings found on garages, car barns, pool houses, and other auxiliary spaces. Wood doors allow for broad design flexibility and function but present unique considerations for longevity, installation, and safe operation for the end user. Understanding the range of possibilities, rules, and restrictions when specifying a custom wood door in the preliminary design phase of a project can help to ensure best outcomes during the construction phase and avoid compromises in terms of design, function, and budget. The course objectives will introduce you to the most important details that should be taken into account when considering the specification of a custom wood door for a project, whether new build or renovation.

Learning Objective 1:

Operating Method: Horizontal and vertical operating options that can be met with custom wood doors and what factors to consider when making that decision.

Learning Objective 2:

Design & Engineering: How to custom design wood doors based on operation, opening size and clearances, number of slabs or sections, and hardware requirements, to meet both aesthetics and safe, long term use.

Learning Objective 3:

Strength & Longevity: Choosing the right wood species, frame components, and joinery for a stable and secure door and the right finishes, and maintenance schedules to ensure a long life span for a custom wood door.

Learning Objective 4:

Installation & Safe Operation: How to prepare an opening for successful install, customize operation with the use of various track configurations, and ensure safe and controlled operation.


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