A Look at the Sustainability of Wood Garage Doors

April 21, 2022

Are wood garage doors sustainable? As homeowners across the country focus on reducing their carbon footprint, more people are looking into greener building materials—garage doors included. Of all the materials used to build garage doors, which include various types of metals, nothing is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than wood.  

Why is wood the most sustainable building material? And why should you invest in a custom wood garage door by CAMBEK? 

Wood is Renewable and Biodegradable

Contrary to popular belief, wood is one of the most sustainable building materials on the market today. While there are some concerns about deforestation across the world, most wood used by U.S. builders does not come from these sources. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recognizes wood as a green building material because it is renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The USGBC estimates that “forest growth in the United States has continually exceeded harvest,” meaning we are growing more trees every year than we are cutting down. 

Wood is also biodegradable and easy to dispose of or recycle. Unlike steel, which is neither biodegradable nor renewable, wood is a material that does not deplete the Earth’s resources or require energy-consuming machinery to break down and recycle. 

You can rest easy knowing that the wood used in our custom garage doors and entry doors is sustainable. 

Our Custom Garage Doors Handmade by Our Expert Craftsmen 

Working with steel requires special machinery, significant amounts of energy, and many other industrial machines that are not environmentally friendly. While working with wood is not “carbon-free,” it is significantly cleaner than working with metal, especially if the wood is worked without using a lot of heavy machinery. 

At CAMBEK, we handcraft every single custom wood garage door ordered by our customers. This is the most sustainable way to build a garage door. Our expert craftsmen use a mixture of hand and power tools, limiting the carbon footprint of our company. 

Quality Wood Garage Doors that Last a Lifetime

A quality wood garage door will last you a lifetime. This will be the last garage door you’ll ever have to buy, which means your impact on the environment will be reduced over your lifetime. While metal garage door panels can dent and bend under the pressure of high winds and flying debris, your wood garage door from CAMBEK will maintain its beauty and integrity over the years. 


A wood garage door is the most sustainable choice for any home. Ready to design a custom door? Get in touch with CAMBEK today.

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