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Custom Additions Every Homeowner Needs on Their Garage Door

July 21, 2019

Some garage doors come in a few sizes and colors, which is nice for homeowners looking to add a simple, functional, but ultimately mundane addition to their home. That’s why custom garage doors are in such high demand now. Both traditional and modern homes can benefit from having a completely unique, expertly crafted, 100 percent customizable garage door added to their home.

Every door created by our craftsmen at Cambek is built from scratch. This means you can have the door you want, precisely the way you want it built (custom features and all). Here are some of the options you have when designing your door.

Unique Windows

While standard garage door designs offer space for a variety of window styles, custom garage doors allow homeowners to completely design customized windows that not only fit the style of the door, but also mirror the windows shapes and styles of the home.

With a custom garage door design, you can truly layout, design and place windows anywhere on the door, with very few limitations. This opens up your garage door to any type of window you want; traditional, modern, speakeasy and so many more styles are yours to choose.

Decorative and Useful Additions

Your custom garage door can be as simple or as complex as you like, and there are a variety of different decorative options that can add a personal touch to your design. Everything from custom hinges to door knobs, knockers, clavos, and many other decorative accents can be added into your design.

Not all custom garage door additions have to be purely for aesthetics. Designers and homeowners can also choose to add features like additional doors built right into their overhead or carriage door. These types of doors (integrated, walk-through and wicket) can be opened independently of the garage doors, making access to the garage easy.

custom garage door hardware

In the end, the custom design elements are limited only to your budget and imagination.

Don’t Forget About Color!

One of the best parts about wooden garage doors is how easy they are to stain and paint a large variety of different colors. So long as you purchase a high quality outdoor paint or stain, you will have no problems quickly changing the color of your door to match your home. Want to change it in a few years? Not a problem. It’s easy to customize your garage door any way you want.


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