Anatomy of a Wooden Garage Door. See What’s Inside!

December 26, 2022

Do you know what’s inside your wooden garage door? Better question: why should you care? Wood garage doors come in many designs, but it’s not just the exterior design that makes a high-quality, long-lasting garage door. The materials and, more importantly, the craftsmanship that makes up the interior of the door is what separates the best garage doors from the rest. 

Curious as to what’s inside a CAMBEK wood garage door? We’ll show you how our master craftsmen construct a door and what materials they use. 

A Douglas Fir Frame

Douglas Fir is a member of the pine family. It’s a type of wood that is solid, sturdy, easy to craft, and resistant to mold and insect damage. That’s why we have chosen it as the base of our custom garage doors since we founded our company. Our doors are built to last, and the custom doors we handcraft all begin with solid Douglas Fir frames. All sides of our interior frames are sealed at the bottom section prior to assembly of the door, preventing water penetration. 

To add extra protection against fungal decay and insects, borate rods—which are composed of minerals that naturally repel fungus, termites, and other wood-decomposing organisms—are embedded into the frame. 

Foam Insulation

Although wood is a natural insulator, we also add a 1 3/8” piece of polystyrene into the interior of our garage doors, adding an extra layer of insulation to help with energy efficiency and comfort. Polystyrene is an excellent insulator because of the many small air bubbles the materials contain inside of it. These pockets of air prevent heat energy from flowing through them, keeping your garage space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Tongue and Groove Construction

Everything from our frames to our surface materials are constructed using tongue and groove joint, meaning the pieces are attached using a groove slot that is cut into one piece of wood. Another piece of wood is then fit into that groove, creating a secure and interlocking joint that doesn’t require nails, screws, glue, or metal fasteners that can come loose over time. This results in a durable, long-lasting door that also wicks away moisture.  

For extra protection, the backside of all our tongue and groove materials are sealed prior to application, and all voids in the materials are filled with clear DAP acrylic caulking before finish coats are applied.  

For more information on the Construction of our garage doors, see our inspiration guide. 

Customize a Garage Door Based on Any Design

All our custom garage doors are built from scratch based on the designs you create on your own or by working with our team. The surface millwork, top sections, windows, bucks, hardware, and all other design features are 100% customizable. But no matter how intricate your garage door design is, the interior build of our doors remains unchanged. Every door has the same solid, quality materials handcrafted with care by our experienced craftsmen. 


Looking to build a garage door based on a custom design? Get a free design consultation from our team today. 

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