4 Simple Ways You Can Match Your Garage and Entry Door Designs

March 22, 2023

Everyone wants to increase the curb appeal of their home. Did you know that one of the “hidden” ways to do that is through architectural cohesion? Take a look at your home. Do certain exterior features match? Does their design form a cohesive aesthetic? Even if you don’t have a trained eye for design, the human mind is designed to recognize patterns. We notice them, even at a subconscious level, and we associate them with beauty. Known as fractal patterns—repeating geometric shapes that are even found in nature—these patterns are beautiful and relaxing to look at. 

This leads us to matching garage and entry doors. Why would you want these two exterior features to match? It goes back to pattern recognition in the human mind, and how we associate them with beauty. Homes with matching garage and entry doors are simply more pleasing to look at. Thankfully, when you invest in custom garage doors and custom entry doors, you’re given the opportunity to create designs that match one another, making your home more beautiful than ever before. 

How can you accomplish this? When thinking of your garage and entry door designs, think about creating cohesion in these four specific features. 

The Panel Designs

Panels are the most distinguishing features of a door. They are also the most influential in its design. With completely custom doors, you can design panels on your garage and entry door that are identical or have matching patterns that “echo” one another. It doesn’t matter how intricate the designs on either door are, because you are completely designing each door from the ground up. 

Looking for inspiration on garage door panel designs? See a quick guide here. 

The Lites and Windows

Door lites are the glass panels that go on either side of an entry door. If they are placed above the door, they are known as transom windows. Windows can also be included in the panel design of a garage or entry door, and they are the perfect opportunity to create a cohesive style between the two doors. Consider everything from the number of windows to the shape, size, placement, and type of glass used. All of these can be used to create matching garage and entry doors. 

See how you can use windows and lites in your designs here. 

The Colors/Finish

The obvious choice for matching garage and entry doors would be the type of finish you choose and the color. Whether you go with paint or stain, it’s important to be consistent. 

When it comes to color, it’s easiest to match, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. If you are looking to have garage and entry doors that are different colors, make sure they complement one another as well as the overall design and color scheme of your home. 

The Hardware

All sorts of hardware can be added to any garage or entry door. From handles and pulls to knockers, decorative clavos, etc. This is another, albeit smaller design detail that can really make a large impact on your doors. It’s these small hardware details that really tie the designs of two doors together. If you go with wrought iron hardware on your garage door, make it match on your entry door. If you choose hardware from a specific architectural style or time period on one door, pull that same hardware over to the other door. 

Create a cohesive look that brings beauty to your home. 


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