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How Small Design Features Change the Look of Garage Doors

July 14, 2022

The smallest changes in the design of a custom garage door can make a big difference. Some design features make a door look more traditional; others transform a door into something more modern. If you are in the market for a new garage door, or are working on a design for something custom, changing these design features can transform your door into something completely different. 

Custom Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows can transform a dull looking design into something beautiful to look at. A few strategically placed windows will add a touch of sophistication and interest, and they can be customized into many different shapes. You may consider decorative glass or different numbers of lites for an added unique touch. 

You can also experiment with window placement; they do not have to be contained to the top section. 

Decorative Hardware for Garage Doors

Adding decorative hardware can make a garage door look either modern industrial or timelessly traditional, depending on the type and application of the hardware features. With this in mind, you can choose from many different patterns and styles of decorative hardware, including knobs, pulls, knockers, hinges, clavos, and so much more. 

Garage Door Top Sections

One of the most standout features and any garage door is the top section. Changing its design is a unique way of adding a decorative flair while maintaining the functionality of your garage door. Top sections, whether windowless or with windows, can be designed in a wide range of styles. One of the most common and important decisions to make is choosing between square or arched tops. This can depend heavily on the shape of the garage door opening, so keep in mind that alterations to the trim may be necessary if the shape of the door is changed. 

Garage Door Panel Designs

Wood garage doors are a great way to add a warm, country feel to a home, especially when you change the intricate design on their panels. Many different panels styles are available, and the customization options of these traditional styles are limitless. Some of the design options for panel styles include: 

  • Number of panels (single, double, triple, or quadruple 
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation of panels 
  • Flush-faced or recessed panels 
  • Trim additions 

Garage Door Trim Options

The garage door trim is what helps to tie the style of your garage together. From the trim that frames the door itself to the decorative trim that can be used to accentuate the garage door panels, there’s a lot you can do to change the style of a door by simply adding a few pieces of wood here and there. This is a simplified way of describing garage door trim, as the options are near limitless. Garage door trim can be used to create cross (X) bucks, V-bucks, A-bucks, Z-bucks, and arched (sprung), and so much more. Choosing how to use trim in your garage door design depends on the style of the home; make sure that whatever you choose will complement your existing architecture. 


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