Designing Garage Doors that are Protected from the Elements

April 15, 2020

When designing a custom garage door for a home, there are two things to consider: function and aesthetics. Every garage door should look amazing and the door should also be able withstand the elements, including harsh winds, humidity, rain and any other weather effects common in the area where the home is located. 

Cambek offers customization features for garage doors that allow them to operate well for decades within nearly any area of the US, regardless of the weather and natural climate. When designing a garage door for a home, think about the potential weather effects it will be exposed to, then ask about our customization features that can help you create the best door possible. 

Designed to Prevent Moisture Damage

If the home is located in a very humid climate or an area where heavy rainfall is expected, it’s essential to have adequate protection against moisture built into the door. Our moisture control systems help our wooden garage doors last decades in even the most wet and humid climates.  

Our exclusive moisture control system includes wet gazed windows that have a waterproof seal, drip caps that prevent water from pooling on the bottom board and seeping into the door (minimizing mold and wood rot), and vent holes that facilitate the natural movement of moisture within the door and prevent damaging build-up of moisture within the door’s interior cavity. 

Our doors also feature no exposed vertical end grain on the bottom and several other features that prevent the pooling of water and wick excess rain and snow moisture. This allows them to last for the longest period of time possible. 

Designed to Prevent Insect Damage

Humid environments tend to bring with them insects, particularly wood-boring insects that feast on doors. To protect against these insects, our garage doors can be built with a High Humidity/Insect Resistant Package specially designed to protect doors from excess humidity and insects. 

This package involves inserting highly effective, EPA-approved borate rods into the door frame. These rods are completely safe for humans (even children) and mammals (including pets like dogs and cats) but are highly toxic for insects like ants and beetles. They also act as effective anti-fungal devices, preventing the fungal growth that is common in high-humidity areas. 

Designing for High Winds and Storms

If the home is located on the coast or in an area that is prone to storms, a door is needed that is rated to withstand heavy wind damageCambek specializes in creating hurricane-rated garage doors that are specially engineered to withstand high winds and extreme pressure changes. 

Whether you are working with a home that needs to withstand debris from tornadoes or damage from hurricanes, we can help. Our doors have been tested and meet the strictest standards, including the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval. 


Ready to design a garage door that can withstand the elements and the test of time? Contact Cambek today.

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