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Why Wood is the Best Material for Garage Door Customization

December 5, 2018

When it comes to custom garage doors, wood reigns supreme. While aluminum and steel have become popular choices for the average home and business owner, designers and architects looking to offer a beautiful, strong, and completely customizable garage door to their customers have embraced wood as their material of choice, for many reasons.

Customization Options

Customized wooden garage doors do not roll off an assembly line. Rather, they are meticulously designed and handcrafted to match the unique architectural style of the home or business for which they are created. While wood does require a great amount of skill to carve and shape, it gives craftsmen the freedom to create many more customization options compared to metal. This allows designers to offer garage doors that are unique for every customer. From historic carriage re-creations to modern designs that include multiple styles of walk-through doors, wood allows for a myriad of integrated designs and features to be built directly into the door that metal just can’t match.

Unique Beauty and Feeling

The difference between faux woodgrain that is placed over a metal garage door and the natural, handcrafted beauty of a wooden garage door is clear. Not only is the natural texture of wood warm and pleasing to touch – its sophistication and beauty will inherently increase the curb appeal of any home.

Wood doors also offer the option to be painted and stained in a variety of colors. While each wood has its own natural color palette, stains can be applied to slightly alter or enhance them. Designers can choose to have wooden doors painted to keep all the benefits of the material while completely customizing its color for any home or business.

Strength and Durability

Wood is more beautiful than aluminum and steel, but it also stands up to metal when it comes to strength and durability. Wooden doors can be hurricane rated and tempered to resist extreme temperatures, all without losing their natural beauty. They are also resistant to cracking and dents, can be soundproofed, are good insulators, and, when cared for, will last for years.

Unique Customization for Any Wooden Garage Door

Cambek’s craftsmen have honed their woodworking skills for decades, perfecting the art of creating customized wooden garage doors – transforming any design, dream, or idea into the real world. No matter how complex the design, no matter how big the project, Cambek is ready to meet the challenge. Request a free design consultation today.

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