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Three Considerations for Expanding a Garage Space

December 12, 2019

Sometimes a single — or even a double – car garage just isn’t enough room. With new trends in garage spaces making the rounds in the industry, and alternate uses for garage spaces becoming more and more popular, homeowners are looking to expand their spaces to accommodate more than just cars. Garage spaces are now used as workshops, entertainment rooms, home theaters, and so much more.

If you are looking to expand your garage space, you will need a custom garage door, and there are many considerations to make before you begin.

#1: Expanding Outward, Upward, or Both?

Are you simply looking to expand your space outward to add more space in your garage, or do you need more head space, too? Expanding outward isn’t the only way to increase space in your garage. If the layout of your home allows for it, you can also increase the height of your garage. This option offers a great realm of possibilities, such as using it as a lofted space for more storage, or an additional recreation area, or even for storage of larger vehicle like RVs, campers, and boats.\

If you do choose to expand upward, many custom garage doors can be created to accommodate a taller than average garage space — plus, it can upgrade the look of your garage, too.

#2: Double Doors or Multiple Single Doors?

There are two options for garage doors when expanding your garage space outwards:

  1. Double doors
  2. Multiple single doors

While there will come a point, in terms of size, where a single door will no longer be feasible, there is a point at which you have the option to choose between the two. The ideal garage size for a double garage door is at least 18ft wide, although custom doors can be made to fit larger garage spaces. For two single doors, a garage generally must be at least 22 ft wide. As you expand outward, you can continue to build in more single doors, double doors, or any combination of the two.

#3: Other Garage Door Options

There are many other garage door options that can be incorporated into your expansion project:

  • Walk-through doors: these additional entry doors can be placed on the front or side of an expanded garage to add additional entrances to the garage.
  • Integrated walk-through doors: these doors are built right into the frame of a garage door – a design process patented by CambekTM!
  • Wicket doors: this extremely unique and utilitarian door style includes a “regular-sized” entry door built conveniently within the frame of the garage door.

garage door with side door

Each of these options can be customized and added to nearly any overhead door, allowing you to enter and exit your garage space without opening the main door.


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