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4 Custom Features to Add to Your Garage or Entry Doors

March 29, 2019

At the heart of every Cambek entry and garage door is the finest quality wood that is expertly shaped by our talented craftsmen. However, that is not all that goes into making our products. While our quality guarantees a beautiful finished product, it is our customization options that truly make Cambek doors unique. You can purchase pre-made, mass manufactured, cookie-cutter garage and entry doors from any number of outlets. However, if you are looking for a custom garage door or entry door to fit perfectly with the design scheme of a one-of-a-kind home, look no further than the experts at Cambek.

Our deep customization options stem from our design and manufacturing process. Each door is designed and built from scratch. Nearly any design can become a reality, and while we invite you to challenge us with something we’ve never built before, there are a few custom garage and entry door features that our customers particularly love.

Dungeon Doors

Despite their foreboding name, dungeon doors are a beautiful and unique addition to any home. These old-fashioned doors are constructed from dark and richly-colored wood that is shaped into an ornate design that harkens back centuries. They also feature “weathered” metal decorative nails (known as clavos), decorative doors knockers, and can even feature speakeasy windows (detailed below) as an elegant finishing touch. Sometimes referred to as speakeasy doors, dungeon doors give any home a historical touch that allows it to stand out among the mass-produced homes of the 21st century. 

Speakeasy Windows

No speakeasy door is complete without a speakeasy window. These unique windows are widely known for the small metal grille that covers the glass. During Prohibition, these windows also featured hinges that allowed the window to be opened from the inside to see who has come knocking on the door. Today, their utility has changed, but their beauty has not. Speakeasy windows are a fantastic addition to any door, but they pair best when combined with our dungeon doors.

speakeasy window

Integrated Walk-Through Doors

When you want to add a small entry door to a garage, a fairly sizable remodel is required. Contractors need to cut a hole in the side of the garage, through the frame, insulation, and siding, patch up the area, place a door, and make sure everything is sealed for proper insulation. Having a second door also means limiting space in the garage; items need to be kept away of the opening so that there is a clear path through the door.

Cambek has the solution to all these problems. We have patented the process of building a small walk-through door right into the same frame as our custom garage doors. A walk-through door allows you to have a service door that is both useful and beautiful. 

integrated walk-through door

Wicket Doors

Wicket doors provide the same space-saving benefits as integrated walk-through doors, but differ both in design and how they open. While integrated walk-through doors are built into the same frame as the garage door, wicket doors are built right into the door itself. They offer a unique design and are perfect for any home, especially in urban settings, where space can be extremely limited.

wicket door

Have a unique design for a garage or entry door? Let Cambek make it a reality. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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