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Concept to Creation: An Inside Look at Cambek’s Process

January 22, 2019

We have an immense amount of pride in the custom garage doors we handcraft for our customers as well as our detailed process of tailoring them specifically to aesthetic of a home. The process is complex and requires multiple experts who have mastered their own disciplines, but we make it easy for our customers to get the precise door they are looking for.

How do we take an idea from its initial concept and transform it into a remarkable product? Here’s an inside look at our process and what you can expect when working with our team of garage door experts.

Step #1: Discovery

There are generally three initial scenarios that can occur when we first begin working with a new customer:

  1. They have a precise design for a door that they are looking to have built.
  2. They have a few ideas of what they want in a design and are looking for us to fine-tune the idea.
  3. They are not sure what they want and are seeking our design expertise to get the process started.

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Whether you know precisely what you want in a garage door or haven’t a single clue, we will work with you to help you create a door that is right for your home. Our discovery process is in-depth and comprehensive. We will gather information on the architecture and design of the house and discover a few things about your own personal style and preferences, allowing us to ascertain exactly what you are looking for and what will look best based on your house.

Step #2: Design

Our designers go to work creating a truly unique product that reflects everything we have learned during the discovery process. The design phase allows us to take your ideas from mere concept to real, fleshed out plans for your door.

Our specialists use state of the art architectural software that renders a precise image of what your door will look like, but this is no simple drawing. This is a complete imagination of how your garage door will look, allowing you to see exactly what you are getting before it is built. Most importantly, this is not a “one and done” process. We will work with you to perfect your design before it goes into production.

Step #3: Creation

This is where the real “magic” happens. There are no automated assembly lines in our Wisconsin-based manufacturing facility. Our craftsmen build your door from the ground up using time-honored traditions and skills that have been passed down for generations. It all begins with selecting the finest woods and any other materials needed to add unique elements to your door. From there, our masters carefully handcraft and finish your door to perfection in a matter of weeks.

painted custom door

Step #4: Delivery

The most exciting day for our customers! We take great care to coordinate shipping to your location. Whether you have an existing home or are in the middle of a new construction, we ship your garage door right to you, taking great care to ensure you get the service and satisfaction you deserve.

Have Questions About the Process?

If you still have questions, head on over to the FAQ page on our website to find the answers to some of the questions we are commonly asked. If you would like to speak to us directly, you can call us at 800.241.0525 or request a free design consultation from our team.

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