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Creating the Perfect Entry Gate for a Home

January 31, 2019

Utility and beauty don’t often go hand in hand, but custom entry gates are one of those exterior home features that serve a useful purpose — allowing you to feel more secure in your property — without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty and curb appeal of your home.

Is it worth it to invest time and money into an entry gate? The is answer is a resounding “yes!” An entry gate is the first impression people have of a house, and they can add a distinctive touch of elegance to any home.

Ready to get started on an entry gate design? Here are few key decisions that will help guide you through the process.

Measuring Up

Does the size of an entry gate matter? In the obvious sense of security, yes. A grand entry gate attached to a tall fence or wall will provide more security than a smaller, more classic picket fence, but that’s not all there is to consider about the size of your entry gate. If security is important, a larger gate is better, but remember that larger structures will block the view of a home from the street. If the profile of the house is important for its curb appeal, then a smaller, more modest entry gate is far more appropriate.

The size of an entry gate is also paramount to the experience people have when visiting a home. Are you looking to impress them with a grand entrance unlike any they’ve ever seen before or welcome them with the more modest, homey look of a small garden gate? Always remember the size of an entry gate is not only about security, it’s also about the first impression you want the home to make.

Classic vs. Modern

Designing a custom entry gate allows you to choose a style that invokes a particular time period. Do you want your entry gate to act as a snapshot of the past or act as a groundbreaking look into the future?

Classic entry gates are the perfect addition to colonial or Victorian style houses, but don’t mistake their distinctive style with any lack of customization. Not every classic entry gate has to look like a white picket fence from a 50s era television show. Classic garden and entry gates can be customized to be completely unique, adding the perfect finishing touches to any yard.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, there are plenty of ways to create a modern entry gate. Designers are creating intricate patterns that are breaking the mold of the standard horizontal or vertical wooden planks that make up your standard gate. Nearly any pattern can be carved into a customized wooden gate, so the options are endless.

custom wooden entry gate

Blending In

One common mistake made when designing an entry gate is forgetting about the other entryways into the house: the garage and front doors. A house’s main, garage and front doors should form a cohesive style that fits comfortably within the overall style of the house. While each door can be slightly different, their styles shouldn’t feel disjointed. Having a modern garage door and a classic entry gate will cause the house’s aesthetic to appear jarring.

All the elements of a house’s exterior need to work together to complement the architectural style of the home. Thankfully, custom garage and entry doors as well as custom entry gates make this possible. To get started on a design for your gate or garage and front door, contact Cambek for a free design consultation today.

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