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A Simple Guide to Designing a Custom Garage Door

May 5, 2022

Not everyone is a professional architect who can design a custom garage door on their own. The good news: you don’t have to create a highly customized garage door for your home, which can be intimidating. At CAMBEK, we make the process of designing your own garage door easy with our CAMBEK Classics line. This simple but beautiful line of garage doors is available to homeowners and builders all across the country. You can easily choose the custom design for your garage door, and we will build precisely how you imagine it. 

Follow this simple guide to designing a door with CAMBEK. 

Choose a Style: Carriage, Contemporary, etc.

The largest decision you will make is the overall style of your garage door. We offer four different types of carriage doors: swing, slide, tri-fold, and quad-fold. These doors are designed as historic recreations of traditional carriage doors that would open by sliding, folding, or swinging open (however, they all open overhead like a traditional garage door). 

You can also choose a more contemporary style of door as your base design. Before making a decision, take a look at the specific designs of the door to see which one you like best and whether it will fit in with the style of your home. You can find all the garage door styles here. 

Choose Window Styles

We have several top sections available that feature different window styles. These top section styles include curved top and rectangular models, which shape your windows differently for a unique look. You can also choose top sections that do not have windows, which tends to be more common in modern and contemporary designs. If you wish to add windows to your door, you will be able to choose between clear insulated glass and clear double-strength options. 

Choose Millwork and Other Design Options

We offer two surface millwork options: v-groove tongue and groove (which has small indentations where the panels meet) and flush face tongue and groove, which leaves a smooth finish. There is no benefit to either of these options, so choose which look you like best. You can also choose different trim (buck) options: no bucks, V-shaped bucks, A-shaped bucks, and X-shaped bucks. These pieces of trim are placed on the surface of your door to create a unique design aesthetic. You can see images of these styles before you order. 

Other design options include decorative hardware such as straps, pulls, clavos, latches and hinges. You can also choose between natural Western Red Cedar and flat panel MDF as materials for the door. 

Choose Finish

Once your design is complete, we offer a full complement of finish color options in a variety of stain colors. You can also choose to have your door delivered unfinished if you would like to paint or stain it yourself. We will prep the exterior of the door so that it is ready to be finished as soon as it is delivered. 


Have questions about the design process? Ready to place an order? We are here to help. Get in touch with our helpful sales team today.

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