Choosing The Right Trim and Millwork Styles for Garage Doors

November 30, 2021

Customizing a garage door for a home opens up a world of possibilities, but it comes with a lot choices that can be overwhelming. When terms “millwork” and “trim” are thrown around, homeowners often defer the choice to someone else, just because they can’t even point those out on a door. 

Don’t let choice paralysis worry you. If you are looking to customize a garage door for your home, we are here to help you choose the right trim and millwork to match your home perfectly. 

What Are Garage Door Trim Styles?

In terms of wooden garage doors, the trim—not to be confused with the trim around the garage door on the frame—refers to the pieces of wood that are used as accents on the door itself. These small planks of wood can be placed on a garage door to create simple, yet elegant designs that completely change the look of the door. While completely custom doors can feature many styles of trim, CAMBEK offers four pre-built styles on its Classics Carriage doors.  

V Bucks create the shape of a “V” on the door, starting at the middle of the bottom of the door and extending outward at a 45-degree angle. A Bucks are the inverse of V Bucks. They begin at the top of the door and extend outward at a 45-degree angle, creating the shape of an “A.” X Bucks cross over one another to create an “X” shape on each side of the door. You also have the option of choosing a carriage door design without trim (No Bucks). 

What is Millwork in Garage Doors?

Millwork refers to building materials that are made at a wood mill. When it comes to garage doors, the millwork refers to the wood that makes up everything from the door itself to the frame and any surrounding trim/molding that comes with it. This can greatly change the design of the door, particularly when it comes to surface millwork. Just like with the door’s trim, full customization is available, but there are two surface millwork options available with all CAMBEK classics doors: V-Groove Tongue & Groove and Flush Face Tongue & Groove. 

V-Groove Tongue & Groove panels fit neatly together, creating a tight-fitting V-shaped groove that looks like a small indentation in the door. This gives the garage door a bit of depth and texture. Flush Face Tongue & Groove panels create a smooth, flat seam where the panels join together. It looks more seamless than V-Groove Tongue & Groove, but lines are still present on the door where the panel join with one another. 


Need help deciding which millwork and trim looks best on your home? Get in touch with CAMBEK to make the right decision today!

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