Enhancing Dungeon Garage Door Designs

September 13, 2020

Despite their foreboding name, dungeon doors are a beautiful way to add a bit of unique character to any home. They have risen in popularity in homes across the U.S. due to their historic charm, gorgeous design, and, when you work with the right company, customization options that allow them to perfectly fit with your home’s style. 

If you have a historic home or a unique historic recreation, a dungeon door could be a great fit for your home. 

What Exactly Are Dungeon Garage Doors?

Dungeon garage doors, often called speakeasy doors, are a type of custom garage door that resemble doors from the 1920s and before. These types of doors are known for a few recognizable design features: 

  • High quality wood materials 
  • Ornate designs and millwork 
  • Wrought iron hinges and handles 
  • Decorative clavos (iron nails) 
  • Eye-level speakeasy windows with iron bars 

The speakeasy windows that are incorporated into the design are wooden cut-outs that can open via hinges. They were used during prohibition to see who came knocking on doors without having to open the entire door to a hidden speakeasy establishment. 

Are Dungeon Doors Right for Your Home?

Although speakeasy doors were very common during the 1920s, they are actually featured on homes and structures that date back decades before that. If you have a historic home that was built before the 1950s, these types of garage and entry doors will likely fit in perfectly with the design. These types of doors are commonly found the following styles of homes: 

  • Colonials 
  • Victorian 
  • Mediterranean 
  • Greek and Gothic Revival 
  • English Cottage 
  • Georgian 

Many homes can accommodate this style of door, although they are rarely used on more modern and contemporary homes. That because these styles of homes generally favor sleek, simple designs, not the ornate designs of dungeon style doors. 

Enhancing the Design of Your Dungeon Style Door

There are many things that can be done to enhance your dungeon door’s design: 

  • Custom window bars: the bars that are common in speakeasy windows can come in a large variety of shapes and styles. 
  • Add a walk-through door: if you are designing a custom garage door in this style, adding a walk-through door is both stylish and functional. 
  • Get decorative with hinges and handles: these wrought iron pieces can be customized to add unique character to the garage door. 
  • Custom millwork: work with your garage door manufacturer to design a complete door, frame, etc. that perfectly matches their home. 


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