The Basics of Entry Door Design Configuration: Lites, Doors, and More

February 8, 2023

An entryway is never just a door. When taken as an entire architectural component of a home, it can be so much more, and the customization that can go into its design is near limitless. Sure, there is always the design of the entry door itself to consider, but what about everything else involved in the entrance? From the positioning of the lites to the number of doors, there are many things, big and small, that can be done to completely revamp how an entrance looks. You can change the entire façade of a home by changing its entryway, thus creating something unique that no other home has. 

It all begins with a unique design, which involves knowing the basic configurations that have come to define modern entryways. 

The Single and Double Door Entryways

Single entry doors are smaller, less expensive, and often quainter. They are ideal for smaller homes, but that doesn’t mean these types of entry doors have to be simple. A lot can be done with a single door to make it stand out in a neighborhood. 

Double door entryways (when space allows for them), allow for an elevated architectural look that is more spacious, inviting, and expansive. These entrances also allow for more light to be brought into the foyer or interior entryway of a home.  

Door Lites

Door lites are glass panels that reside alongside a door. Each individual panel of glass is considered a lite, and they can be placed high or low alongside the door. They are generally placed on either side of an entry door, giving them the name of sidelite. There are multiple different orientations of sidelites that can be used on any given entry door: 

  • Right oriented: sidelites placed on the right side of the door (when facing it) 
  • Left oriented: sidelites placed on the left side of the door 
  • Two sidelites: where one sidelite is placed on each side of the door 

Lites can extend the full length of the door, halfway, or any custom length. Sidelites can also be separated into multiple pieces or have other intricate designs separating them. 

Transom Windows

Transom windows (sometimes referred to as a fanlite) are nearly identical to lites, except that they are exclusively located above an entry door, orientated horizontally. Like sidelites, they can extend the width of the door or be customized to any length, often featuring intricate ornamentation that separates the panels of glass. Transom windows come in many shapes, from rectangular and square to half circle, etc. 

Custom Entry Doors for Any Home

These were just the basics of entry door design configurations. The real beauty of a custom entry door is in its design and the materials used to construct it. At CAMBEK, we build custom entry doors from the ground up, working with your design (or helping you create or finish one of your own) to create a new, completely unique door that matches any home. 


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