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The Top 8 Interior Lighting Options for Garage Spaces

October 30, 2023

The lighting of a garage is something that is often overlooked, but it can fundamentally transform your garage space for the better. Most garages are typically dark by nature, so installing the proper lighting sources is an important way to ensure your space is not only usable, but also comfortable and pleasant to work in. 

If you plan to do a lot of work in your garage, how you light the space is going to make a difference in your overall experience. Here are the top eight interior lighting options for your garage that you can integrate into your space no matter your budget. 

1. Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting will always be the most energy-efficient way to light a garage space. There are different options to choose from including adding windows and skylights to your garage. Take it one step further by installing a new custom garage door that has added windows that allow natural light to illuminate the space. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your garage, adding natural lighting sources throughout your space is the best way to cut down on electricity costs by taking advantage of the sun’s natural light. 

At CAMBEK, we can help you design a garage door that allows natural light to fill your space. Our custom wood garage door options come with wet-glazed glass windows that can be customized into any shape, size, orientation, and placement. Challenge us by giving our team a garage door filled with the types of windows you need for your space. 

Tip: CAMBEK Historic Lites provide a unique way to add natural light to any garage space. These built-in garage windows are customizable and maintain historical accuracy without sacrificing the convenience of modern day operation. Allowing for a substantial, unencumbered area of glass, Historic Lites can complement a home’s existing window patterns to achieve a cohesive look for any home.

2. LED Lighting

If adding windows and other natural lighting sources to your garage space is out of your budget, then opting for LED lighting is another interior lighting option. LED lighting uses diodes to emit the light which extends the life of the fixture, and LEDs also cut down on electricity cost. Most lighting fixtures will have the option to use LED lighting, so make sure to choose this when doing your shopping.

3. Under-Cabinet Lighting

If you have cabinets and workbenches in your garage and you plan to do a lot of projects in this space, then under-cabinet lighting is the perfect choice. Under-cabinet lighting is closer to the countertop, so the lighting source is direct and ideal for when you need to brightly illuminate your workspace. You can choose LED under-cabinet lighting which requires electrical installation, or you can opt for battery-powered light strips or puck lights that you can mount yourself.

4. Ceiling Beam Lights

If your garage has wood ceiling beams then ceiling beam lights are a great option to utilize that space. Instead of installing lighting around your garage, the lights installed into ceiling beams are out of the way. Ceiling beam lights are usually more focused light sources since they will sit lower with the beam, and they also add an extra decorative element to your garage ceiling.

5. Wraparound Lighting

If your garage has a lower ceiling, then wraparound lighting is a great option. Wraparound lighting doesn’t hang as low as most garage lighting options, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing vertical height when your garage has a lower ceiling. This allows for items in your garage such as ladders or long wood boards to maneuver through the garage without worrying about hitting the lights on the low ceiling.

6. High Bay Lights

On the other end of the spectrum, if your garage has very high ceilings then high bay lighting is your answer. High bay lights hang lower and are also larger lighting fixtures, so these are ideal for ceilings of 15 feet or higher. If you need to light a commercial garage or garage with multiple storage units then high bay lighting allows you to only install a few fixtures thanks to its larger light dispersion.

7. Fluorescent Lighting

The current craze in energy-efficient lighting typically talks about LEDs. However, fluorescent lighting is also energy-efficient, and these bulbs are less expensive than the LED option. The main difference is that fluorescent lights need a few minutes to warm up and get to their maximum brightness, whereas there is no wait time with LED lights. If you can wait a few minutes to fully light up your garage, then fluorescent lighting is both energy-efficient and less expensive to install.

8. Motion Sensor Lighting

Installing motion sensor lights in your garage is both energy-efficient and practical. Motion sensor lights automatically turn on when someone is in the garage and will automatically turn on when they leave. This saves electricity and there will be no more worrying that someone forgot to turn off the garage lights. Motion sensor lights are also handy for times when you’re entering your garage at night with your hands full and can’t flip a light switch. 

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