Simple Rules to Help You Choose the Right Garage and Entry Door Colors

October 21, 2022

Color plays a vital role in the appeal of every garage and entry door. Every custom door deserves a beautiful color, but how do you make the right decision for your home? What’s the best color for a garage and entry door? Is there a best color? There’s no fast and easy answer, but there are a few simple design rules that can help you choose the right colors for your custom garage door and entry door. 

Rule #1: Understand the Difference Between Paint and Stain

Many people associate stain with older historic homes and paint with more modern designs. This is a common misconception that is put to rest by thousands of homes across the US. Both modern and historic homes can have stained doors, and the same can be said for painted doors. Which one is better for your home? That depends on your personal preference and the other colors already present in your home. 

The benefit of staining your wooden garage and entry doors is that the stain brings out the natural beauty in the wood. You will see the natural grain pattern shine through the wood even from afar. If you really like the natural look of a wooden door, choose a stain to enhance its natural color. 

The benefits of painting wooden garage and entry doors are the vast color options. Doors can be painted any color you like, allowing you to really get creative with your choices and match the existing color palette of your home.  

Both paint and stain need to be reapplied over time and will have the same general lifespan, so don’t worry about maintenance when making your decision. 

Rule #2: Do Match Your Garage and Entry Doors

Whether you choose to paint or stain, do not commit the grave error of choosing one color for your garage door and one for your entry door. There is nothing more striking than matching garage and entry doors, and nothing more jarring than a garage door that clashes with its entry door counterpart. It’s important to be consistent with paint and stain choices, especially if you have doors that were designed and built together. The same styles will benefit from the same color palette. 

Rule #3: Match the Design Scheme of Your Home

Look at the colors present on your home. The roof, siding, trim, shutters, and other exterior features will guide in the right direction when selecting a color for your garage and entry doors. You may also choose to look at the colors used by your neighbors. Do you want your home to stand out? Would you prefer your home to blend in? Whatever you decide, make sure the color you choose properly complements the existing colors on your home (unless you plan on more exterior renovations and design changes in the future). The best-looking homes have a color scheme that is cohesive, intentional, and well thought out. Do not allow your garage and entry doors to stick out like a sore thumb on your home. 


Choose any color you like for the doors on your home, and work with a reliable garage and entry door manufacturer throughout the process! Get in touch with CAMBEK today for a free design consultation.

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