Why Your Garage Door Windows Should be Wet Glazed

September 28, 2023

If windows are one of the features you’ll want in your custom wood garage door, you’ll want to know about wet glazed glass. These types of windows can help you protect both the integrity of your garage door and the garage space itself. Water is the enemy of every home, and having wet glazed glass on your garage door is one of the best ways to protect your space. 

What is wet glazing, and why should you have wet glazed glass on your garage door? 

What is Wet Glazed Glass?

There is no such thing as “wet glazed glass,” per say. Wet glazing is a process of installation that some glass can go through that makes it substantially more waterproof than panes of glass installed in other ways. The process of wet glazing involves securing a pane of glass to the frame of the window using a high-quality sealant (silicone, etc.). This not only makes the window more durable and weather resistant, but it also creates a more polished and finished look to the window. 

Wet glazing is designed to stop the flow of water and air, preventing it from seeping in through exposed seams or areas on a garage door. Windows are normally one of these exposed areas, but wet glazing eliminates this issue. Dry glazing, by contrast, uses metals, extruded rubbers, or plastic components to lock the windows into place during installation. 

The benefits of wet glazed glass include: 

  • Better waterproofing 
  • A more secure hold on the pane of glass (glass movement will be reduced) 
  • A more finished look 
  • Higher load limits (ideal for storm and weather proofing) 
  • Do not require weep holes for drainage 

Garage Door Protection You Can Count On

At CAMBEK, our custom garage doors are outfitted with wet-glazed impact glass windows that are rated for maximum protection against heavy winds and flying debris. Each pane of glass on our garage doors is locked into place and held firm with a bead of high-quality outdoor sealant, giving it the best protection against the elements.  

Our wet-glazed window glass is guaranteed to keep air, water, and moisture out of your garage space, all while giving it the highest possible insulation against extreme temperatures. This protection also extends to the interior of your door—ensuring that it remains uncompromised from water a moisture that can damage it from the inside out. 

Our specialized hurricane-rated storm garage doors are also protected from everything the most intense storms can throw at them. Our high-quality materials and precision engineering ensure that our garage doors are in line and tested with nationally recognized protocols and standards, which include the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval. These are two of the toughest and most stringent building codes relative to high velocity wind load and impact rating. You can learn more about what makes our garage doors the strongest around in our Inspiration Guide. 

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