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Why is Custom Millwork Important on Garage Doors?

August 13, 2020

We talk a lot about custom garage doors, but what about the custom millwork that goes with it? Why do you even need millwork that matches your garage door’s design, and why does it have to be customized? These are all good questions, and ones we are happy to answer. Today, we are shining a spotlight on one of the most overlooked features of custom garage door design: custom millwork. 

What Exactly is Millwork?

Millwork simply refers to wood materials that have been created in a mill. When it comes to a home, the millwork generally refers to the molding around doors, the interior trim, wood flooring, etc. If it’s made of wood and was produced in a mill, it can be considered millwork. When it comes to your garage and entry doors, the millwork will be the wood that makes up everything from the door itself to the frame and any surrounding trim/molding that comes with it. 

Why Should Millwork Be Customized?

There’s a thing about mills, they are like factories that produce stock, unchangeable products for people. That’s where the term “run of the mill products” comes from. It means that the products you are buying are completely ordinary and lacking any distinctive features that can make them appear unique. 

If you are investing in customized, one-of-a-kind, does this sound like something that should come with it? 

Custom millwork is important with garage door design and manufacturing because it creates a complete look for your home. You wouldn’t put stock rims on a car you built from the ground up; you wouldn’t wear “off-the-rack” shoes and accessories with a dress that you sewed yourself. It takes what would be a completely unique design and drags it down to the level of ordinary. 

The Features of Custom Millwork

The beauty of customization (especially with CAMBEK) is there are very few limitations that come with a custom-made garage door. Our talented craftsmen have been at this for decades. They know and understand the properties of wood, and they certainly know how to work and shape it into any design possible. All the doors we create at CAMBEK are built from the ground up. There are no stock designs, pre-cut garage door panels, or run-of-the-mill products. We take pride in creating doors, gates and shutters that are completely unique to our customers homes. 

When you work with CAMBEK, customization means: 

When we say your door and any applicable millwork are customizable, we mean it.  

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