Important Design Concepts for Modern Garage Doors

May 12, 2021

Modern garage doors are an elegant, timely addition to newer homes whose architectural styles can vary widely in their design. Since the design of modern homes are often so different, they require a custom garage door that matches their specific design features. 

There are many notable design features to consider when building a custom garage door for a modern home. These can be an underlying factor in the overall door’s design or serve as inspiration for something greater. When thinking about the custom design for your modern garage door, consider these design concepts. 

Window Inclusion and Placement

One of the most notable design features of modern doors is the creative use of windows, or the lack thereof. While traditional garage doors on older homes often have ornate windows that are placed on the top half of the door, designers can get creative with the placement and number of windows on modern doors. Some designs incorporate vertically oriented windows on the left or right of the doors, others include a grid of windows across the entire door, giving the door a unique look. Some designs forgo windows completely, giving the door a sleek, clean look. 

Vertically Oriented Windows 

Copper clad garage doors

Grid of Windows 

No Windows 

Minimalist Designs 

Modern garage doors are not known for their ornate looks or decorative features. Instead, they feature minimalist designs that omit many design features common in other doors. These include: 

  • Ornate trim 
  • Bucks 
  • Decorative hardware like handles, hinges, clavos, ring pulls, etc. 


While traditional garage doors favor bilateral symmetry, modern garage doors are not limited to this rule. They can be symmetrical, but many designers choose an asymmetrical placement of the few embellishments they choose to add, even window placement. The panels are typically flat with sleek lines and set in clean horizontal or vertical layout. 


Although many modern garage doors are made from wood, they typically do not feature natural wood colors. Many designs are painted white or in neutral colors like gray. Others can feature a metallic finish or even be clad in copper or another type of metal. Regardless of the choice of color, it should reflect that of the home so that the door fits in well with the overall exterior design scheme. 

Custom Means No Rules

Although these design concepts are common in many modern doors, designers should not feel limited to following them. Truly custom garage doors can feature intricate designs that are as complex or simple as you desire. 


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