Metal Accents and Decorative Hardware to Add to a Garage Door

October 4, 2020

When designing a custom garage door, the little details count. While the overall frame, structure, and millwork can make a big difference, it’s the tiny accents—particularly the decorative metal hardware—that give the door its charm, not to mention they make the garage door truly unique to your home. What are your options when it comes to these garage door additions? Why should you use them? Find out what makes these custom additions unique. 

When to Include Metal Accents on a Garage Door

Metal accents like wrought iron, brass, etc., are generally best used on traditional style garage doors. While modern garage doors can incorporate them, they are not often used. That’s because these types of additions harken back to more traditional carriage doors and dungeon doors, which were more common in the early 20th and late 19th centuries. The best part about a custom garage door is that you can truly make it your own, so don’t feel limited to including metal accents into a modern door. 

Metal Accents and Decorative Hardware

There are multiple types of metal accents that are commonly used in garage door designs. These include: 

  • Handles, and doorknobs 
  • Hinges (both for utility and decoration). Your metal hinges can be used to actually function on the garage door or itwalk-through/integrated door, or they can be mere decorations. 
  • Clavos: these decorative nails were common in traditional carriage doors. Back then, they were used in the door’s construction. Today, they are more commonly used as decorative accents. 
  • Speakeasy windows: these windows get their names because of their use on speakeasy doors from the early 20th century. They feature small window inserts that swing open on hinges and metal cages that cover the opening.

Completely Custom Additions

Remember that you are never limited to the metal accents and decorative hardware listed above. There are plenty of shapes and styles that can be implemented on your custom garage door, so feel free to ask about how you can customize your next garage door based on the designs you create.

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