How to Cool a Garage Space without Air Conditioning

July 14, 2021

Your garage can be a nasty space in the middle of the summer. The heat and humidity tend to not only make it uncomfortable, but also they can damage the items you have stored in your garage. High temperatures and humidity are not ideal for storing most types of items. Whether you use your garage for storage or as an alternative space for your home, keeping temperatures in check during the hottest months of the year is essential. Unfortunately, finishing the space can be a hassle sometimes. 

If you are looking for simple and easy ways to cool your garage space during the summer, follow these quick tips: 

Add Insulation

Insulation is not only useful for heating a garage in the summer; it can also prevent heat transfer and make your garage a cooler space in the summer. If you plan on finishing your garage space with drywall, but don’t want to run ductwork and HVAC systems into the space, make sure to insulate the walls and ceilings before finishing the space. 

Make Sure It’s Properly Ventilated

Adding simple ventilation to a garage space can also help bring down temperatures in the summer. A dedicated garage ventilation system allows cool air to enter in through floor vents on the bottom of the garage while pushing warm air out vents placed higher up in the room or in the ceiling. Ventilation systems are also necessary if you use your garage space as a workshop. 

Use a Dehumidifier

While dehumidifiers do not actively bring down the temperature in a space, they do reduce the humidity. Humidity can make a space feel more unbearable when temperatures are high, and it can also damage items that are stored there for long periods of time. 

Choose the Right Colors

Painting a garage space and door can help cool down a space with very little effort and for a low cost. Use bright colors that do not easily absorb heat on your walls, floor, and garage door. It also helps to do the same with your exterior siding and roofing shingles. 

Add Shade

For a more long-term investment, you can plant trees and shrubs that will eventually grow to block out the sun and provide shade to your home, particularly over the garage space. 

Install a Garage Door Without Windows

Windows on a garage door are a great addition because they bring in natural light, but that light also increases the temperature of your garage space. Also remember that no matter what type of windows you have, they will never be as insulated as a windowless garage door. 


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