Your Guide to Carriage Door Styles

January 27, 2021

Carriage style garage doors have a long and storied history. They were originally used on historic detached garages but have now made their way on to the many modern homes across the country. This resurgence of carriage doors is due not only to their many design styles making a comeback but also because the functionality of these doors has received a major update that makes them both useful and beautiful. 

We have recently released a line of classic carriage style garage doors. These historic recreations (known as the CAMBEK Classics line) feature four customizable styles that are made to order. These doors are an affordable way for homeowners to have a customizable carriage garage door that perfectly fits the style of their home. 

Four Styles for Functional Beauty

Carriage doors traditionally opened in one of three ways. They would either: 

  1. Swing open on hinges (either outward or upward) 
  2. Slide open to the side on a track 
  3. Fold open (either in three or four sectional pieces) 

Most modern garage doors come in sections and open overhead. This provides many benefits: 

  • The garage doors need far less clearance space to open 
  • The garage doors can be opened electronically with modern garage door openers 
  • The garage doors are more secure, as they cannot be easily opened manually 
  • The garage doors are better sealed and provide more effective insulation 

The CAMBEK Classics line provides these modern benefits while still maintaining the beauty of historic carriage door designs. This line of custom garage doors includes four styles to choose from: 

  1. Swing Style Garage Doors: designed to replicate authentic one- or two-piece carriage house doors that would swing outward to open. Their two-panel designs give the illusion that they can swing open from the middle. 
  2. Slide Style Garage Doors: inspired by the traditional designs of the one-piece carriage house doors that would slide sideways to open. Their single-panel designs give the illusion that they can slide open. 
  3. Tri-Fold Style Garage Doors: unique designs that mirror the original look of three-piece multi-panel doors, which would fold inward to open. Their three-panel designs give the illusion that they can fold open in sections. 
  4. Quad-Fold Style Garage Doors: Designs that create a perfect depiction of genuine four-piece multi-panel doors that would fold inward to open. 

Additional Customization Options

CAMBEK Classics doors offer the same top-of-the-line quality and many of the customization options as our fully custom garage doors. These customization options include: 

  • Trim styles: V-bucks, A-bucks, X-bucks, no bucks. 
  • Vertical-oriented surface millwork: V-groove and flush face tongue and groove 
  • Top sectional styles: curved or rectangular tops (with or without windows) 
  • Material: natural western red cedar or flat-panel MDF 
  • Multiple color finish options 
  • Multiple width and height options 
  • Hardware: handles, hinges, clavos, etc. 
  • Track systems and openers 

Why Choose The Classics Line?

CAMBEK Classics doors make it easy for homeowners to choose the style and features they want in their authentic carriage house style door, all while staying within their desired budget. We can work directly with homeowners or architects. Our professional team makes it easy for you to get a high-quality historic carriage door recreation. 


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