How to Ventilate Your Garage to Create a More Comfortable Space

August 31, 2021

Proper ventilation makes for a more comfortable garage space, no matter what you use the space for. Whether it be storage or entertainment, your garage space will benefit substantially from ensuring it’s well-ventilated. Another benefit: proper ventilation helps keep the space cool during the hottest months of the year. 

Looking to add some more airflow to your garage space? Follow these easy tips. 

Add a Walk-Through Garage Door

The simplest way to ventilate a garage space is to simply open the overhead garage door. It’s instant airflow. However, this isn’t always the best solution for several reasons. Some housing associations don’t allow garage doors to remain open when not in use. Some homeowners simply don’t want the garage door to always stay open. Regardless of the reason, you can still maintain a consistent level of airflow by adding a walk-through garage door to the space. 

There are three types of walk-through garage doors, allowing you to customize your space as you see fit: 

  1. Integrated walk-through doors: small doors that are built into the same frame as the overhead garage door. This door opens independently of the main overhead garage door. 
  2. Wicket doors: although these smaller doors exist within the same frame of the overhead garage door, like integrated walk-through doors, they differ by being built directly into the main garage door itself. They can be opened independently, but they will always open when the primary overhead door is in use. 
  3. Complementary walk-through doors: these independent doors are built into one of the outer walls of the garage, creating a completely new entrance into the space. 

Regardless of which style you choose, opening one of these doors is sure to bring in some fresh air. When combined with garage windows, they are sure to ventilate the space adequately. 

Add Fans

One or more ceiling fans will help circulate air within a garage space. They can also increase airflow through the space when combined with a walk-through garage door and/or added windows. Fans are a simple and inexpensive way to ventilate any garage space. 

Exhaust Fan Kits

If you want to keep all doors and windows closed while still properly ventilating garage space, an exhaust fan is your best option. These kits are also recommended if you are using the space as a workshop, as they are the best way to remove particles from the air. These kits can generally be installed and ventilate air either through a vent on the roof or out of the outer walls. 


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