Increasing Natural Light in a Garage Space

May 26, 2021

Natural light is a big plus for any home. It helps cut electricity bills, makes for a more comfortable living space, and increases a home’s appeal on the market. Garage spaces are no different; they need to be well lit. If you use the space as a workspace or for anything other than storage, more natural light will make the space better for its intended purpose. 

If you are trying to increase the amount of natural light you get into your garage, follow these tips. 

Add Some Windows

It’s the obvious choice, but there are a lot of options when it comes to doing it. There are many ways to increase the natural light in your garage by adding windows, including: 

  • Adding new windows to the walls 
  • Adding a skylight 
  • Incorporating windows into your garage door 

If there are already windows present in your garage, you can increase their size or replace them with more open styles like picture windows. You can also try installing a modern garage door that features a lot of windows on its surface. These doors add a lot of light to any garage space. 

See some examples of garage doors with intricate window arrangements. 

Brighten Up the Colors

Lighter paint colors naturally brighten a space. If your garage’s walls, floor, or ceiling are painted a dark color, switch to something lighter (or go all out and paint them white). Wood, while nice to look at, can also darken a space. If your garage is unfinished and you can see the wooden studs and exterior of the home, consider finishing the space with drywall and painting it. 

Concrete can also darken a space, so consider coating the floor with epoxy (which reflects light and adds a natural shine) or finish it with some other brighter material. 


If your budget is tight, adding mirrors to your garage space can make it seem brighter. The light they reflect can also make the space seem larger. Hanging some mirrors on the walls of your garage is one of the simplest and more affordable alterations you can make. 


Interested in adding a garage door that lets in natural light to your space? See what’s possible by checking out our custom garage door options. 


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