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Regarding Shape: How to Design Cohesive Garage and Entry Doors

February 10, 2021

People talk a lot about curb appeal, but what is it that makes a house appealing? Many things—windows, siding, roofing— play a role. While these are all important parts of a house, there are two things that many people notice right away when they see a home: the garage and entry doors. These two components of a home’s appeal command a lot of attention (for good reason), which is why homeowners and architects should pay careful attention to their design. 

Creating Cohesion in Design

While the unique design of both the garage and entry door is important in its own right, the way these two exterior features work together is the key to boosting curb appeal. This cohesion makes a statement that the design of the home was planned and executed to perfection.  

How can this be accomplished? A lot of it comes down to shape. More specifically, how the shapes of the entry door echo those of the garage door. 

When creating custom garage door and matching entry door, consider echoing these shapes across both designs. 

Start at the Top

The top section of your garage door can feature a multitude of shapes, angles, and custom inlays, from rectangular shapes to curved tops. These shapes can be repeated on the top of the home’s entry door. If windows are included, match the windows both in style, shape, and type of glass. 

Matching Profiles

Consider the overall shape of the garage door and its matching entry door. Is the garage door a square? Is it arched? Whatever shapes are present on the profile of the garage door can be echoed on the front entry door. What if the garage door or doors are square? Consider using double front entry doors to create a perfect square. 

Don’t Forget the Hardware

Matching hardware is easy to do, but this process is often overlooked. The finer details really sell the connection between a garage and entry door, so don’t forget to include the same handles, hinges, clavos, knobs, and any other custom hardware in both of your designs. This also includes the finish on these items. 

Finish with Color

Even if you aren’t using the same materials in both the garage and entry door, matching finishes can go a long way in creating cohesion. Whether you are staining or painting, there should be an exact match (or complementary colors) that connect the two doors. 


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