What Should You Consider When Designing a Custom Garage Door?

April 21, 2019

As the years have gone by, so to have the designs of private homes. From the more traditional Colonial era houses to the modern homes we see lining streets today, houses are more diverse than they have ever been, which is why custom garage doors are so important, especially for higher-end homeowners. Every home is different, and every homeowner wants to have a unique aesthetic that makes their home stand out from the rest. That’s why Cambek works with designers, architects and homeowners to deliver customized doors based on countless designs we have seen over the years.

Where should you start when designing a custom garage door? There are many aspects you can take into consideration.

The “Age” of the House

By age, we don’t mean literally how old the structure is. Instead, we are referring to the era the home is modeled after. Is it a traditional Colonial or Victorian style house? If that’s the case, the design of the garage doors should match the aged style of the home.

You can see examples of traditional garage doors we have built for older style homes. These doors are designed to fit in with the unique style of structures built decades and centuries ago. They come complete with custom features like:

  • Speakeasy windows
  • Clavos
  • Traditional door knockers
  • Weathered metal hinges

If the home was designed for the modern age, a more sleek, contemporary design will be required. You can see examples of the modern garage doors we have built. These doors feature a large variety of styles. When you design a modern door, there are very few parameters and the sky is the limit for your creativity. Some designers choose to create doors that are flush-faced and have no windows, others take the opposite approach and create garage doors that are covered from top to bottom in uniquely designed windows.

The Location of the House

Some designers choose to create a door that is completely different from all other surrounding buildings. Other designers choose to have a custom door that looks amazing and blends in with the aesthetic of the home’s location. Take into consideration where the home is located. Is the house located in the Southwest, where homes are designed with an hint of Spanish charm, or is the house located in the Atlantic Northeast, where New England architecture is dominated by Colonial and Georgian style homes?


While looks matter when designing a door, don’t forget that it will also be used as a means of entry into a home. Think about how the door should open. Will it need to open overhead, or it can it swing open outward on hinges? Is it necessary (or desired by the homeowner) to have an integrated or walk-through door? Setting aside the looks for a minute, think about how the garage space will be used and how the door can help facilitate the use of that space.


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