Matched garage and entry doors

The Dos and Don’ts of Designing Matching Garage and Entry Doors

February 14, 2022

The only thing better than a brand-new custom garage door is a fully customized entry door that matches. Matching garage and entry doors are guaranteed to become the focal point of any home, but there’s a right and wrong way to go about designing them.  

These are the dos and don’ts of designing matching garage and entry doors. 

Do: Match Shapes and Panels

The most identifiable features on your garage and entry doors will be the shapes present on their panels. If you are using recessed panels on your garage door, echo that design feature on your entry door. The same goes for raised panels. If the (raised or recessed) panels are rectangular on your garage door, do the same on your entry door. Keeping the designs, the same as one another creates a look of cohesion that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Don’t: Mix and Match Designs

Modern doors are known for their flush-faced panels and minimalist designs, while more traditional carriage doors are known to feature bucks and other custom millwork. Avoid creating clashing designs from different eras. If you have a contemporary garage door, choose a design that is fit for a contemporary entry door. If your garage door is designed in the style of a carriage house door, mimic that design for your entry door. 

Do: Be Consistent with Paint or Stain

Making the choice between painting or staining a door can be hard, but once you have made the choice, stick with it for both your garage and entry doors. It can be jarring to see a home with a stained garage door and a painted entry door, or vice versa. Either option is a great choice, just make sure it remains consistent across both doors. 

Don’t: Mix and Match Colors

Just as it’s important to stay consistent between paint and stain, it’s also important to stay consistent with color. Avoid choosing different color options for a matching garage and entry door. While it’s a common design trick to use complementary or contrasting colors on a home, doing so with a garage and entry door will look chaotic. So long as the color of the doors match, you can choose to have that color complement the home’s roofing, siding, etc. 

Do: Match Window Shapes and Styles

Windows are a fantastic addition to any entry or garage door, but they should be the same shape, style, etc. You can, however, make the choice to forgo windows on either the garage or entry door. It’s not necessary to have windows on both, but if you choose to have them on both, make sure they echo each other’s design scheme. 

Don’t: Work with Two Different Manufacturers

It’s best to stick with the same builder for both your garage and entry doors. Doing so will guarantee you get the same quality craftsmanship on both doors, which will also be built with identical (quality) materials. Not all manufacturers use the same types of wood, nor do they all have the capability to do the same styles of millwork. Stick with one manufacturer, and make sure it’s a reputable one. 


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