The Best Types of Wood for Garage and Entry Doors

June 21, 2022

When it comes to wooden garage and entry doors, the materials matter. You don’t have to be a professional woodworker to see and feel the difference between a high-quality piece of wood and cheap lumber bought and manufactured in mass quantities. At CAMBEK, we focus on sourcing the best wood for the custom garage doors and entry doors we build. We have been working with wood for the better part of 35 years, and many of our doors are still greeting visitors to homes and businesses all across the country. That’s quality you can count on. What’s the best type of wood to use for a garage or entry door? And why does it matter? 

Why Using the Right Wood Matters

The differences in beauty, performance, and longevity are clear, and they can’t be understated. You don’t have to be a professional woodworker to notice the difference right away, but there are also some hidden benefits to using some of the highest quality wood on the market: 

  • Durability: quality doors are built to last a lifetime. 
  • Higher aesthetics: the natural wood grain of higher quality, non-engineered wood result in a truly breathtaking look for a door 
  • More insulation: stronger, thicker pieces of wood provide some natural insulation 
  • More customization options: higher quality woods can be worked into more intricate shapes without degrading the quality of or weakening the materials 

What Types of Wood Make Good Doors?

At CAMBEK, we primarily build our garage and entry doors out of two types of wood: Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar. We have spent decades working with these types of wood, and we can firmly say they are some of the most high-quality materials to use in garage and entry door construction. 

About Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is a species of evergreen that is native to western North America. It is a solid and strong wood that is used in everything from boats to houses and even aircrafts. It is strong, durable, and able to withstand very harsh environmental conditions. Years ago, our founder discovered that garage doors using this type of wood as a core material lasted longer and performed better, and we’ve been using it ever since.  

Douglas fir has an almost perfect weight-to-strength ratio, which is the strength of the material divided by its mass. This means that each piece of Douglas fir withstands high tension and compression, making each door structurally sound. The wood is also classified as a “softwood,” which means it has the ability to bend. This allows our craftsmen to achieve complex shapes and designs with every door. 

About Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is an ornamental timber from the cypress family, which is also native to western North America. The material is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and decay, all while maintaining a strong durability throughout its life. At CAMBEK, we use this type of wood for our surface millwork because of its natural beauty and low maintenance requirements. The wood is pitch and resin-free, which means it can hold a wide variety of finishes, including stains and paints. 

When properly protected and maintained, Western Red Cedar is less likely to warp, shrink, or cup with changes in temperature and humidity. Garage and entry doors made from this material will last and perform well in any area of the country—from humid coastal areas to northern states with bitter-cold winters, all the way to the hot, dry deserts of the Southwest. 

Combining the solid strength of Douglas fir and the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar results in the beautiful garage and entry doors we have been making for decades. 


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