The Carriage Door Makes a Comeback on New Homes

December 4, 2020

When many people think of garage doors, the same old overhead designs tend to come to mind. These types of doors, often divided into panels that open overhead, are the most common designs seen on homes today. 

This wasn’t always the case. 

The Origin of Carriage Doors

Back before cars, we had carriages that were stored in detached garages, sheds, etc. These structures mostly had one type of door on them: carriage doors. These very traditional garage doors, which were commonly made with a single piece of wood, opened in one of a few ways: 

  • Swinging: the one-piece door would swing outward and upward or outward and to the side 
  • Sliding: the garage door would slide sideways into the structure itself 
  • Folding: multi-piece carriage doors were created with three or four panels that would fold into one another as the door was opened. 

Saving Space

While original carriage doors had multiple opening styles, they all had one problem: they needed space to open. Swinging doors, whether they opened upward or to the side, needed ample space in front of them so that the door could clear as it swung open; sliding doors took up space within the garage itself, as they would slide sideways into the structure; folding doors would ultimately reduce the space of the opening because the door needed to remain in the frame after it was opened. 

That’s why modern overhead garage doors were created in panel. These types of doors open overhead and slide on a track. They don’t need clearance in front or behind them, nor do they take up valuable space in the garage or within the door frame after they are opened. 

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Today, custom wood garage doors  replicate the style of traditional carriage doors while opening like more modern, space-saving garage doors. This combination of aesthetics and functionality has allowed carriage doors to make a comeback on many homes across the country. Architects and builders are including them in their designs in almost all regions, and many homeowners are beginning to experience the true beauty and functionality of these historical recreations. 

Are Carriage Doors Right for Your Home?

Carriage style garage doors are perfect for many styles of homes, including: 

  • Cape cod 
  • Colonial (Dutch, Georgian, etc.) 
  • Victorian 
  • Cottage 
  • Farmhouse 
  • Spanish 
  • Tudor 

And many others. 


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