The Pros and Cons of Two Single Garage Doors and One Double Garage Door

April 30, 2020


When designing a widened garage space for a home, the number of doors to use can be a decisive issue. When the width of a garage space reaches beyond the 22ft mark, designers can begin to consider adding two single garage doors in place of one double garage door. There is no right or wrong choice in the matter, but there are certain benefits of choosing either option for a home. 

The Benefits of Choosing Two Single Garage Doors

Unless you are dealing with custom widths (which is entirely possible when working with the right custom garage door manufacturer), it’s generally not advisable to use two single garage doors on a garage space that has a width of less than 22ft. If you are advising a homeowner on installing two single space garage doors, there are several added benefits: 

  1. Two single garage doors allow homeowners to better control airflow into the garage. The doors can be opened independently, allowing the homeowner to choose how much of the garage space to expose to the outside at any given time. 
  2. Since the doors can be opened independently, any malfunction in opening and closing of one door will not prohibit access into the garage.  

For designers, working with two single garage doors offers a smaller canvas to work with when it comes to custom designs, space for windows, integrated doors, etc., but many people believe it makes for a more pleasant looking garage, particularly on homes where the garage faces the street. 

The Benefits of Choosing One Double Garage Door

A single “double-width” garage door creates a completely different look for a home and can be used once the width of a garage reaches about 18ft. If you are advising a homeowner on getting a double-width garage door, there are several added benefits: 

  1. A single door means less maintenance both on doors and garage door openers. 
  2. It allows more space for lager vehicles, boats, RVs, trailers, etc. to be moved in and out of the garage. 
  3. It allows for vehicles to enter and park in the middle of the garage space, leaving more room for loading, unloading and working on vehicles. 

For designers, a single “double-width” garage door comes with a larger “canvas” to work with when it comes to creating inlays, cutouts, etc. 

Using a Combination of Both

The decision to use single or double width doors becomes even more complex when garage spaces hit 30ft, which is when architects and designers can choose to either use three single width doors or one single-width door and one double-width garage door. Whichever combination you choose, working with the right garage door manufacturer will make your project a success. 


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