The Complete Guide to Custom Garage Door Windows

April 13, 2021

Garage door windows add a lot to the structure, space, and door in which they are placed. Luckily, building a custom garage door gives you many options when it comes to customizing the windows for your door. Everything from the size and shape to the type of glass used can be customized, allowing you to create a door that not only suits your needs but also perfectly complements the architectural style of your home.  

Adding windows to a garage door is easy once you understand all the options available. 

Choosing Windows or No Windows

Windows add an extra bit of character to a garage door, but some people choose a more minimalist, modern look for their garage doors. These modern doors feature no windows, which also allows for more privacy (keep in mind that window glass can be frosted to allow light in without sacrificing privacy). 

You’ve most likely chosen to have windows on your garage door, so we’ll move on to the options you have in their design. 

Curved or Rectangular Top Garage Doors

There’s one key thing to consider before even getting into the precise shape of the window itself: the shape of the top portion of the garage door. Curved and rectangular top garage doors will change the shape of windows as well as the overall look of the custom garage door. In general, squared windows can only be used in garage doors with a rectangular top, while curved top doors require arched windows. 

Establish the overall shape of your garage door before you choose the specific shape of your windows. 

Window Size and Shape

When building a custom garage door, windows of all shapes and sizes can be added. A good place to begin when choosing the shape of windows is to look at the windows present on the home and entry door. In order for a garage door to fit in with the architectural style of a home, its features should mirror or complement those of the homehouse. This includes the window shape and style. In short, design the windows on your garage door to look like those on your home, its entry door, etc. 

See more on garage windows and their shapes here. 

Regarding Architectural Styles

Some windows are better suited for certain types of homes. For example, speakeasy windows (which are often covered with a wrought iron grate) are not well suited for modern garage doors on modern homes. They are more suited for 18th and early 19th century homes like colonials, Tudors, and others. Carefully consider the architectural style of the home when choosing windows. 

Looking for more design inspiration for garage door windows? See our garage door design gallery to find what you are looking for. 


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