Why Earn Your AIA Learning Units with CAMBEK?

February 3, 2021


AIA continuing education provider

CAMBEK is proud to partner with the American Institute of Architects to bring Continuing Education to all AIA members. We offer an exclusive course“Beauty & Sustainability: Custom Wood Garage Door Solutions” throughout the year, which can help you obtain valuable Learning Units towards your annual benchmarks. We are an authorized AIA Continuing Education Provider and can help you earn a credit, and we make it easy. 

Why should you earn your next AIA Learning Unit (LU) with CAMBEK? 

Earn a Valuable Credit

Taking our exclusive course not only nets you LU, but it’s an LU in the category of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW). Remember that 12 of your 18 LU must be within this category every year. 

We Conduct Courses Everywhere

There is no need to travel when you earn your AIA LU with us! Our is available nationwide in one of two ways: 

  1. Onlinewe will set up an online meeting where you can take our course from the comfort of your own home or office. 
  2. In-Person: We have representatives in every region of the nation who can make the trip to your office to conduct your course session in person. 

In-Office Courses Come with Lunch!

If you book a course with us in person, we will cater lunch so that you can eat while you learn! 

We Keep it Interesting

We have no intention of boring you with walls of text and monotonous lectures. Our course is both visually and aesthetically pleasing. We have a full-scale presentation that features vibrant images, examples of garage door designs, and so much more. 

You’ll Actually Retain and Use This Information

Many architects have told us that the Continuing Education courses they have taken in the past were not only boring, they also contained information that they would not implement at any point in their careers. We have worked hard to craft a course for you that is filled with valuable information, including: 

  • Garage Door Operating Methods: horizontal and vertical operating options that can be met with custom wood doors, and the essential factors to consider when making this decision. 
  • Design & Engineering: how to custom design wood doors based on operation, opening size and clearances, number of slabs or sections, and hardware requirements, all so you can design a door that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe for longterm use. 
  • Strength & Longevity: how to choose the right wood species, frame components, and joinery for a stable and secure door, and how applying the right finishes and keeping to maintenance schedules can ensure a long lifespan for the door. 
  • Installation & Safe Operation: how to prepare an opening for successful install, customize operation using various track configurations, and ensure safe and controlled operation. 

We Make it Easy

We understand that you have limited time, and 18 LUs to earn before the year’s end. That’s why we make this process easy for you. From registration to the actual course, you’ll be able to effortlessly earn LU|HSW credit with CAMBEK. 


AIA continuing education provider 

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