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Garage Expansion Guide: How to Give Yourself More Space

May 25, 2023

Garages can be valuable and versatile spaces for storage, gyms, workshops, and many other uses, especially for those who need the extra space. However, garages can often become cluttered and disorganized, leaving little room for anything else. Luckily, there are various ways a person can add more space to their garage, allowing it to be used as more than a storage space for cars, tools, etc. 

Get more out of your garage space by following these tips. 

Get Creative with Cabinets

Installing cabinets is one of the most effective ways to add more space to a garage. They provide an excellent and efficient storage space for nearly anything, including tools, sports equipment, and gardening supplies. Cabinets can be purchased in multiple sizes and styles, but it’s not enough to simply purchase and hang them. Get creative with the design of your cabinetry to maximize your storage space while taking up as little wall room as possible. Wall-mounted cabinets are the best option for small garages because they do not occupy valuable floor space. 

Creating a Loft Storage Space or Mezzanine

If the garage is tall enough, creating a loft storage space or a mezzanine can be an excellent way to add a lot more storage space in a completely unused area of your garage. A loft storage space is created by installing a platform above the garage floor, which provides additional storage space. This platform can store items that are not frequently used and can be accessed using a ladder. A mezzanine is a partial floor built above the main floor, creating additional space that often has stairs leading up to it. Mezzanines can be used for storage, as a workspace, or as an extra living area. 

Using Shelving/Pegboards to Increase Walls Storage Space

Another way to add more storage space to your walls is through shelving and pegboards to hang things on the walls. Shelves can store nearly any items, including paint cans, tools, and cleaning supplies. Pegboards are an excellent option for storing frequently used items, such as gardening tools or sports equipment. They can be quickly initiated on the walls, providing a convenient way to keep things organized and easily accessible. 

Wall-mounted storage like hooks is another great way to keep things organized and off the ground. Hooks are especially great for things like bikes and sporting equipment. 

It May be Time to Purge Items

One of the productive, but it can be the hardest, ways to add more space to a garage is by eliminating commodities that are no longer used. Removing unused items will free up valuable space in the garage, so it may be time to get rid of some of those tools and decorations you haven’t used in years. Take a really good look at what you have and ask if you’ll ever use it again. Items in good situations can be donated to charity or sold, while unused items can be disposed of in many ways. 

Create a Workbench

If you use your garage as a workstation, creating a workbench can help you make the most of your space. A workbench can be built along one garage wall, providing a sturdy surface for your tools and projects. You can also install shelves or cabinets above or below the workbench for additional storage. 

Don’t Forget About the Space Between Garage Doors!

If you have a two-car garage with two separate doors, you can use the space between the doors to create additional storage space. Many people forget about this space, but you can install shelving, cabinets, or many other things in this unused area, providing more space for whatever you store! 


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