5 Design Considerations for Front Entry Doors

November 4, 2020

Having a custom front entry door to match your garage door is the best way to create a cohesive, gorgeous look on any home. Creating an intentional, matching look for the design features is guaranteed to increase curb appeal and value on a home, not to mention impress anyone who passes by. 

When designing a custom front entry door, there are five main features to think about. 


While widening (or narrowing) an entryway is possible, it’s costly and time consuming, which limits design options based on size. Size considerations for front doors are often limited to single and double doors. What’s more important than choosing between a single and double front door is how it matches the home’s garage door. 

Think about the size of the garage opening(s) and the door(s) installed in them. Are they single piece doors? Are they double carriage doors that swing open? Do they have an integrated or walk-through door? If so, design cohesion can be achieved by using the same or a similar design to the walk-through door. 


Shape is similar to size and is dependent upon the front opening of the house. Will a rectangular or square door fit? Can the opening be altered? What is the shape of the garage door that the entry door will match? 

These are all important design considerations, but there is more to a door’s shape than its outer profile. It’s also important to consider the shapes on the garage door itself. Look for shapes on the bucks, custom millwork, windows, hardware, and other garage door features, then mimic those on the front entry door’s design. 

Added Windows 

The size, shape and overall design of the windows on a garage door are another way to create cohesion on an entry door’s design. Consider the type of windows used, their placement, and the type of glass used in them. If the garage door does not have windows installed, that doesn’t mean that windows cannot be used on an entry door. Many homeowners want windows on their entry doors,; just make sure they are within the same architectural style as the garage door. 

One important question: if the garage door was to have windows, what would they look like? That should be the basis of the window design on your entry door. 

Decorative Hardware

Decorative hardware like handles, hinges, knobs, and other metal features are another point of comparison between matching garage and entry doors. Remember that not all the features have to be used on both doors, but those that are used should match. These may be small details, but they can make a big difference in the level of cohesion between garage and entry door designs. 

Architectural Styles

Even with all the design features listed above, it’s important to consider the home’s overall architectural style and the garage and entry doors being placed on it. Cohesion is created when the styles of all three match. To talk about the architectural style of your home, its doors, and how you can create an intentional cohesion between the three, contact CAMBEK for a free design consultation today. 

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