Why Wood is the Perfect Material for Entry Gates

December 3, 2021

There’s nothing like a first impression. When it comes to a house, the first impression lies with the gate. Depending on the property, it may be the only thing visible to anyone passing by, so why not make that first impression a memorable one? A custom entry gate is the ideal way to make a stunning first impression, one that is accentuated when the gate is made of wood. While wrought iron gates and those made from other materials can look great with certain homes, there are many advantages—both aesthetic and utilitarian—to having a gate made from high-quality natural wood. 

Natural Beauty

Wood, more than any other building material, has a natural beauty that stands out in every season of the year. Whether painted or stained, wood provides a timeless look that ages well. Even as the years go by, wooden gates take on a natural weathered look that fill entry gates with character, rather than making them appear worn down. Compare this to metal, which rusts over time and makes an entry gate look uncared for. 

Strength and Durability

High quality wood, like red western cedar, is an incredibly durable and long-lasting building material. Its strength makes for a safe, secure, and durable gate that will last decades. Wood is resilient against many climates, temperature ranges, and natural elements, making it one of the best materials to use no matter where the gate is located. From coastal areas with high temperatures to snowy and cold climates, wooden gates are ideal for any home. 

Western red cedar is also naturally resistant to rot, insect damage, and other things that can damage the material over time. 

Environmentally Sustainable

Wood is a natural material that is self-regenerating, making it a sustainable building material that can be grown in mass quantities. It has a lower carbon footprint than metal and, because it can naturally be broken down, doesn’t need to be disposed of or recycled in the same way as metal and other building materials. 

Low Maintenance

Besides repainting and re-staining, western red cedar requires little to no maintenance even as the gate ages over time. Western Red Cedar is naturally rot-resistant and not susceptible to degradation like various metals.


Many homeowners like the solid, sturdy construction of wooden gates because they provide the highest level of privacy. While metal gates will keep out unwanted visitors, their spaced-out bars often leave the gate easy to peer through. A fully customizable wooden gate does not present this problem and will allow homeowners to maintain the privacy they desire. 


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