More than Storage: Trending Alternative Uses for Garages

November 29, 2018

The modern home is evolving, and spaces once used for storage are taking on new meaning for homeowners. Garages are no exception. Homeowners are coming up with new and creative uses for their garage spaces, and many are in search of designers and architects to help them transform their dull, stale garages into something new and better. Rather than just using the space for storage of cars, tools, and other miscellanea, homeowners are creating fun environments the whole family can enjoy.

Here are five trends that are shaping how people use their garage space.

#1: Home Theaters

If a family is really into movies, renovating their garage into a theater would make a great addition to their home. Complete with a large TV or projector and a high-quality sound system, these types of theaters are ideal for watching anything from sports games to movies. Plush comfy chairs or a large sectional are always excellent options to make a home theater the ultimate place for watching a movie with the family or binge-watching a favorite TV show.

#2: Game Rooms

Competitive families who love playing games together are transforming their garages into fully functional game rooms — complete with pool tables, card tables, and other fun activities for family and friends. Adding personal touches will always make the garage more welcoming and comfortable, and really give it that coveted custom-made feel. Area rugs, family photos, artwork, and other game-themed décor also warm up the space.

#3: Home Offices

As more and more people have begun to take on contract work or start their own businesses in recent years, the amount of people working from home has skyrocketed. As a result, many homeowners have made creating a separate office or business space within their home a top priority. Many people opt to use their garage space as a home office – creating the optimal separation of work and home life.

#4: Arts & Crafts Rooms

A garage is the perfect place to have a craft room. There is no need to worry about the mess left behind from painting, sculpting, or creating works of art (no matter how simple or sophisticated they may be). Putting this room in a garage creates a large space that can be dedicated to a person’s favorite hobbies, as well as those of their children. Furthermore, the garage is quiet enough to facilitate focus and creativity, without disturbing other members of the family, and vice-versa. There is also ample room for storage bins, cabinets, and everything else needed to keep tools and materials organized.

#5: Gyms

Getting out to the gym can be pain. Many homeowners are wondering, “Why can’t I have a gym right here in my garage?” The garage offers plenty of space to add all necessary equipment for any type of workout routine — from basic weight lifting to hitting the mats for mixed martial arts training. It may be necessary to restructure the floor and walls to support the equipment. However, the benefits of a home gym such as privacy as well as the ability to quit paying for costly gym memberships make such restructuring worth it. Plus, designers can tailor the space to the homeowner’s wants and needs.

Custom Garage Doors for a Custom Space

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