Fold-Style Garage Doors: Styles, Design, and So Much More

January 17, 2024

It wasn’t that long ago that garage doors looked much different than they typically do today. The modern overhead garage doors you often see these days have only been around for just over one hundred years. 

Before the invention of the overhead garage system, people often had carriage garage doors. They looked like the doors that once housed horse-drawn carriages. Each one was unique to every home, made from real wood and quality hinges and handles. 

Carriage-style doors have made a comeback in recent years, and some of the designs they incorporate include fold-style garage doors. Fold-style garage doors, usually tri-fold or quad-fold, are made to resemble the old style while folding into sections when opened and closed. They offer stunning, traditional appeal with a modern touch. 

But fold-style carriage doors have more to offer than superficial good looks. 

The Benefits of Carriage Doors

Many carriage doors are made from wood. Wood garage doors are incredibly weather-resistant, meaning you shouldn’t have to perform many touch-ups to keep your doors looking great. All you must do is keep them stained or painted. Wood is also a fantastic natural insulation material, so solid wood garage doors are excellent ways to keep your garage warm in the winter without spending a fortune on heating bills. 

Customize Your Addition

When installing carriage doors, you have the option of going with a cookie-cutter design that will look nice, but you can also do so much more. You can customize every detail of your beautiful home addition. 

Panel textures, window styles, and even all the decorative straps, binds, and hinges can be customized to your exact specifications. Trim, color, glass texture; every detail can be just what you desire with a carriage-style door. 

Available in various wood options, stains, and finishes, carriage doors can be customized to complement any architectural style. 

Add Value, Style, and Extra Space

Stylish carriage doors stand out as spectacular and incredibly unique these days. And they don’t just turn heads, they can increase the value of your home as well. A garage isn’t always used to house a vehicle, and if you use your garage as an extra room you may benefit from the additional space you receive from a carriage door. 


Crafted from real wood, these doors boast durability that ensures a long-lasting and resilient garage door solution. 

Carriage Garage Door Styles

Tri-Fold Doors

Tri-fold garage doors provide a beautiful aesthetic to your home by mimicking the style of carriage doors but operating just as overhead garage doors do. They have the look and feel of something unique while remaining easy to use. With a tri-fold door, you get all the convenience of a modern overhead garage door, plus the added benefit of increased value to your home with a stylish addition. 

Tri-fold garage doors, characterized by their three-panel configuration, offer a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. You can tailor everything from panel type to the finish and decorative hardware, creating a bespoke garage door that complements your home’s architecture. 

Quad-Fold Doors

Quad-fold garage doors take the concept of fold-style operation a step further with a four-panel configuration. This design choice provides a distinct visual appeal and can be an excellent fit for larger garage openings. 

Quad-fold garage doors operate like traditional overhead doors, but they have the appearance of opening by folding inward or outward. If you’re going for an authentic looking carriage-style door, this is what you’re looking for. These doors still have all the appeal of a traditional carriage door, just without the constant task of manually opening your door. 


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