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Front Doors Say More About a Home Than You Think

December 31, 2018

In one of the most memorable scenes in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film, Jurassic Park, two cars filled

with the film’s main characters approach a tall, looming set of doors that slowly open, granting them access to a world unlike anything they’ve ever seen. In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel, The Secret Garden, young Mary Lennox and her frail cousin, Colin, discover a door to a magical garden that bestows upon them vitality and helps cultivate a friendship that would last a lifetime. Both of these iconic scenes begin with a single object: an entry door unlike anything the characters have ever seen.

Why are we diving into literature and film to talk about doors? Because it answers one very important question.

Is a Front Door Really Just a Door, or Is It So Much More?

Doors signify transitions. When they are placed on the front of a home, they signify the transition from the outside world to a person’s private life – the place where they call home. In essence, they reflect who the homeowner is as a person and the style they have chosen for their home. More than anything, an entry door is the very first impression visitors have as they approach a home. They set the scene, and create a memory of the place that lasts.

What Front Doors Say About Houses and Homeowners

Many designers, architects, and homeowners tend to overlook the front door, and forget about its importance to the curb appeal and aesthetic of an entire house. Too often, we see beautiful homes tainted by a banal, white-painted stock entry door – giving the to the home that derivative feel characteristic of the cookie cutter houses strewn across the modern suburb.

So, here are some significant benefits behind choosing a custom handcrafted entry door: first, custom doors show off the care and effort with which the builder crafted even the most minute details of the house they have designed – and people notice. Second, custom entry doors say to visitors, “You are about to enter the home of a person who has put some real thought into the design and style they love and want to convey.” Whether you are looking for a more traditional or modern design, a custom door is always the way to go. More importantly, you can design a door that complements or even perfectly matches the custom garage door also unique to the home.

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Does Color Matter?

Absolutely. Choosing the right color, whether going with neutral gray tones or perhaps something a little more bold, has a multitude of effects on the face of a home, as well as the impression it leaves on every single person to approach that door.

Design a Door For Any Home

Need help choosing a specific design for a door? Not sure about the right color or shade? Cambek is here to help. We will work with you to create a custom entry door that perfectly matches any home. Whether you are looking for a traditional look or something more modern, get in touch with a team member today for a free design consultation.

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