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Garage Design Trends: Customizing Space, Flooring, Doors and More

September 29, 2018

Not long after cars became one of the main modes of transportation, the modern garage quickly became an integral part of nearly every new home in America. Since then, the purpose, design and function of the space has evolved. As the times change, along with what homeowners want in their garages, architects and builders must keep their ears to the ground and follow the most recent trends.

Here are a few things that are currently trending in the world of custom garage design.

New Uses for Space

While they were initially designed to hold a single car, it wasn’t too long before two, three, four, five etc. car garages began to intrigue builders and buyers alike. This isn’t always because homeowners were amassing huge car collections, but because the utility of the room has expanded. Homeowners are using their garage for more than the storage of cars, tools and long-forgotten items. According to studies, they are now being transformed into:

  • Hobby stations and workshops (27% of homeowners)
  • Gyms and exercise rooms (13% of homeowners)
  • Recreational areas and game rooms
  • Customized storage spaces
  • Movie theaters
  • Home offices

Many of these types of flooring can be colored, stained and styled to add a personal touch to garage spaces.

Flooring Options

Now that garages are being used for more than storing cars, the flooring options that are being used have substantially increased. When a garage becomes another part of a home, cement flooring just doesn’t bring the same warmth to the room.

To go along with customized garage spaces, builders are opting for more comfortable flooring materials that include:

  • Epoxy
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Tiles
  • Rollout flooring

Many of these types of flooring can be colored, stained and styled to add a personal touch to garage spaces.

Carriage Doors

Carriage doors are traditional, historically-inspired garage doors that are recreated using modern materials. Homeowners are embracing the elegant look they bring to their home, all while enjoying modern features that include better insulation, durability and customization. These types of doors can open in numerous ways (sliding, swinging, folding, etc.) and can also be completely customized to have different patterns, colors, windows and much more.

Walk-Through Doors

As homeowners continue to use their garages as more than storage for cars, walk-through doors are becoming more popular because they make it easy to get in and out of the space without opening and closing the overhead garage door. Some walk-through doors can be built as a side entryway, while others – integrated walk-through doors and wicket doors – can be customized and placed directly into the frame of the overhead garage door itself.

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