How CAMBEK Doors Meet and are Built for Hurricane Prone Coastal Homes

March 5, 2022

Wooden garage doors for coastal homes need to be built with hurricanes and wind ratings in mind. They need to be tough and resilient, all while maintaining their natural beauty. Coastal homes withstand some of the most severe weather. From high winds to flying debris, salt water-laced air, and much more. That’s why the very design, engineering, and finishing of wooden garage doors needs to be better than good. They need to be perfect. CAMBEK’s line of hurricane-rated garage doors achieve this perfection. From their design to their manufacturing, they are specifically built to withstand the rigors of coastal areas and severe weather. 

Perfection at Their Core

At the very core of all CAMBEK hurricane-rated garage doors is a Douglas-Fir frame. This wooden frame is not only sturdy enough to withstand winds of up to 150 mph, it’s also sealed prior to being assembled, making it completely resistant to leaking and internal water damage. Borate rods are also inserted into the frame, which help prevent fungal growth and burrowing insects. The external layers of materials are constructed around this frame and sealed with an acrylic caulking that holds them together firmly and prevents water penetration. 

Impact-Rated Glass

If you choose to have windows in your custom garage door design, they will be made from impact-rated glass that are resistant to damage from debris. These windows also have a wet-glazed surface and are held in place with waterproof sealant, preventing water from getting in through the window spaces. 

Tested to Meet the Most Stringent Building Codes

All CAMBEK hurricane rated garage doors are tested with two of the best and most stringent tests for hurricane-rated doors: the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code product approval. These tests measure a garage door’s high–velocity wind load capability and impact rating. These building codes ensure that garage doors can withstand the high winds present in hurricane prone coastal areas. They are there to ensure the doors meet with the proper wind ratings. To learn more about garage door wind ratings, see this quick explanation. 

A Special Finish to Maintain Beauty

What good is a tough garage door if it can’t maintain its natural beauty over time? All CAMBEK hurricane rated garage doors are finished with a special coating that provides the optimal protection against the elements. CAMBEK’s three-coat, water-based stain is resistant to direct exposure to rain, snow, sunlight, and moisture. It also prevents flaking, cracking, blistering, and other effects that cause the stain to lift off of the wood. Nanoparticles also provide strong UV protection that maintains the door’s color over time. 

Protection Against Moisture and Everything Else 

From powder coated tracks and decorative hardware to the exterior millwork, CAMBEK hurricane rated garage doors prevent moisture and humidity from penetrating the door and its components to damage it from the inside out. Drip caps, vent holes, beveled trim, and other design features ensure the doors wick away water and moisture, allowing them to maintain their look, sturdy construction, and natural beauty for years to come. 


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